PETA’s Pamela Anderson Gifts Melania Trump A Faux-Fur Coat To Send A Message

Melania Trump received a faux-fur coat from former Playboy Playmate and Baywatch actress, Pamela Anderson. The news has many wondering what is behind Pam’s gift to the new first lady.

Melania Trump has gotten a mess of gifts from family, friends and supporters ever since she became First Lady Melania Trump. It’s unclear if she has ever received a real fur coat from anyone, but judging from past pictures, Melania is fond of fur.

Melania Trump dons fur coat with then-fiance Donald Trump in 2004. [Image by Scott Gries/Getty Images]

Apparently, that’s where Pamela, an honorary director for PETA — who expressed disagreement with Donald Trump’s policies in recent history — enters the picture. She wants Melania to be aware of her role model status and dump the real fur she’s worn in the past and not wear any in the future.

Reportedly, Anderson sent Melania Trump a welcome gift, which is being described as “one-of-a-kind.” The gesture was meant as a thank-you present to applaud Melania for not wearing fur during the frigid temperatures on the day Trump was sworn in as the nation’s 45th President of the United States of America, according to Radio Times.

The novel gift is an eco-fur coat that was designed by Pamela Anderson in conjunction with Only Me, a noted Russian manufacture. The PETA spokesperson included a letter to Melania, expressing her joy and communication about potential opportunities ahead in her position as FLOTUS.

“Amid all the mania at the inauguration, you looked stunning in an outfit by Ralph Lauren—one of many fur-free designers. I am so happy that you chose not to wear fur! As first lady, you will help set style trends, and by remaining compassionate with your choices, you will warm the hearts of many.”

Anderson is working with the maker of Melania’s coat to create a wide array of alternative choices to real animal fur. The current project involves fake bearskin hats. The headpieces worn by Canadian guards for the Queen of England inspired the idea.

“There’s so many alternatives [to fur]. I’m lucky that I can bring awareness to things. There’s no reason to hurt an animal for what you wear, what you eat, for entertainment – so that’s my big passion.

“It’s more chic, more elegant to wear something that’s compassionate and is forward-thinking – especially young people, they don’t want to wear fur, that’s so old-fashioned and cruel.”

Anderson has a long history with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, dating back to 2009. Her first high-profile foray with the organization was against Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister at the time.

Pamela thanked him for the ban imposed on seal slaughter. Two years later, she put pressure on Russia to reel in its market for baby seal pelts; the country was importing 90 percent of its pelts from Anderson’s native country, Canada.

Pamela appeared on The View in May of last year to promote her new line of cosmetics and talk about goings on in her life, according to Mediaite.

The former Baywatch beauty was pressed on her relationship with then-candidate Donald Trump. She’s been linked to controversial players in the past, such as Vladimir Putin and former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Anderson countered the prevailing belief that she was buddy-buddy with Trump, stating that she only had a business relationship with the real estate mogul.

“I just popped out of the cake,” Anderson explained. “You never know who’s on the receiving end! It was a birthday. I was there. I got paid.”

She was also shown a picture of her kissing Trump on the cheek. Again, she disavowed the image and dismissed it as a lapse in judgment.

“I know, I take it back.”

Melania Trump’s modeling career is behind her, but she is rapidly becoming a style icon like her predecessor, Michelle Obama. As previously mentioned, Melania has worn fur clothing in the past. It’s unclear if Melania will respond in kind to Pamela Anderson’s faux-fur coat gift.

What are your thoughts? Should Melania Trump take Anderson’s advice and use her position as first lady to spread PETA’s message?

[Featured image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

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