Dorit Kemsley On Kim Richards Sobriety: ‘I Was In Shock At What I Was Hearing’

Dorit Kemsley may not know much about the history on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s learning that drugs and alcohol are subjects that you should not bring up around some people. Kim Richards is a recovering alcoholic, and Eden Sassoon has also struggled with drinking after losing her sister to an overdose. But Dorit had no idea that the issue of sobriety would be such a huge theme for this season of the show, and she’s learning that sometimes it is better to just keep quiet.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorit Kemsley revealed that she was shocked when she learned that Lisa Rinna might have been talking about Kim Richards behind her back. During a shopping trip, Lisa told Eden Sassoon that she felt that Kim was sober most of the time, but added that she was convinced she was still drinking, and she was close to death. The comment came out of the blue, and viewers were shocked and surprised as Rinna hadn’t been hanging around Kim for months. So when this comment was brought up at dinner in Mexico, and Kyle Richards knew what Lisa was saying about her sister, Dorit Kemsley felt very uncomfortable.

“Fast forward to the dinner. At first, I was in shock at what I was hearing. Here we are, all of us having fun together and then we hear what Lisa R. said about Kim. It wasn’t nice to hear. I wanted to be fair and give her the benefit of the doubt, but deep down I felt it was more likely that she did say it,” Dorit Kemsley explains in her Bravo blog about the dinner in Mexico, where she learned that Lisa Rinna might have questioned Kim’s sobriety in a conversation with Eden Sassoon.

Of course, many people were surprised that Lisa would question Kim’s sobriety. At the time, Rinna has revealed that she was just speculating based on what she had experienced during the prior year, but she hadn’t really spent any time with Kim. And when Lisa Vanderpump told Kyle about Rinna’s comment, she freaked out. During the dinner, Dorit Kemsley kept listening to what was being said, and she slowly started questioning whether her co-star had really said those things.

“I did have a lovely time with her and Eden at Eden’s house for smoothie night. In fact, my mention of when Rinna pulled out her bag of pills during smoothie night was to highlight what fun we had together and the barrel of laughs we shared together. “We bonded over Xanax and smoothies” – we had fun. My main concern was Kyle though. None of us wanted this trip to be ruined for her and Mauricio so it was a priority for me to make sure she still enjoyed herself,” Dorit Kemsley explains about her role in the dinner, according to Bravo, sharing that she doesn’t want to do or say anything to upset Kyle during the trip to Mexico.

Of course, Kemsley doesn’t have any experience with Kim Richards, and she doesn’t know what the sisters have been through over the years. But she can comment on Rinna’s behavior, as she was present when she pulled out the bag of pills and joked about popping Xanax. While the controversial bag of pills only contained vitamins and headache pills, this is all Dorit has to go on.

What do you think of Dorit Kemsley keeping her silence during the dinner party? Do you think it was wise that she didn’t talk about Kyle Richards’ sister while in Mexico, given she wasn’t there last year for all the drama?

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