Marjorie Jackson To Spill The Tea On Courting Josiah Duggar And How It Ended

Marjorie Jackson was almost a Duggar. That’s right, she was actually courting one of the sons, though things didn’t last very long. Jackson and Josiah Duggar began courting back in 2015 and officially announced it that April. Fans were excited to see another one of the boys courting, and Jackson seemed like a fine choice for him. Unfortunately, things started to go south within a few weeks and Marjorie Jackson split from her would-be husband, Josiah Duggar.

Marjorie Jackson is the author of a new book being released this May. She is a Christian blogger and has decided to pen a tell-all about her life experiences up to this point. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Marjorie Jackson is expected to spill the tea on her courtship with Josiah Duggar. This could sell a lot of books, especially because many believe their split was very mysterious. In fact, Jackson and Duggar had been rumored to have called things off after a few weeks but an official announcement didn’t come for another three months. There has been speculation that their parting of ways could have had something to do with the scandal the family faced just a month after Jackson and Duggar announced their courtship.

Rumors circulated that Marjorie Jackson couldn’t deal with the chaos that came along with being in the Duggar family. She came off as quiet and reserved, two traits appreciated by Josiah Duggar. They seemed to have fun together, showing off special moments and photos along the way. He had been the second son to court and with the way things were happening in the family, everyone expected that Jackson would be the next person to become Mrs. Duggar. Unfortunately, just a few weeks after they announced their courtship, the Josh Duggar molestation scandal broke. It was a media circus and it was reportedly hard for Jackson to handle.

There has been some talk that Marjorie Jackson is going to be releasing details the Duggar family would rather not have told. It is understandable that they have reservations but Jackson has made it clear that relationships she has had will be discussed in the book that is due out in May. Fans and critics are waiting for what could be bombshells about the inside of the Duggar compound. It was reported to the media that Jackson and Josiah Duggar split amicably, but that was not believed at all. Immediately following the announcement, all photo evidence of Marjorie Jackson on Instagram was removed by Josiah Duggar. Fans were sad to see the couple break up, especially since she would have fit in with the family perfectly.

While she didn’t appear on 19 Kids and Counting a lot, Marjorie Jackson definitely had a few cameos. The video announcement done by them was super sweet, and fans were ready to see Josiah Duggar get married. Jackson was the first person who courted a Duggar and walked away from the relationship. She was privy to all of their secrets and was around when things got turned upside down. There are some rumors floating around that the Duggar family is a little concerned about what Jackson will be revealing in her book about her relationship with their son and brother.

Fans are looking forward to seeing what Marjorie Jackson will say and many are hoping she will describe their time with class and grace. Being a Christian blogger comes with some responsibilities and it seems that she takes it very seriously. Marjorie Jackson didn’t make it down the aisle with Josiah Duggar but she was able to get to know him better than most people and now, she will be releasing a book and telling the world what he is like.

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