T.I.’s Wife Tiny Demanding To See All Emails, Phone Messages To Trust Him Again?

T.I. may have a chance of winning his somewhat estranged wife’s trust back once and for all.

Hollywood Life reports Tameka “Tiny” Harris has come up with just the plan for her hip-hop husband to prove to her that all his rumored dalliances with other women are a thing of the past.

“She wants to see his phone and go through all his texts, pictures, his DM’s, his emails, the whole shebang,” a source close to the reality TV star told the website. “She wants to prove or disprove her suspicions and that’s the only way. T.I.’s. being shady and Tiny has clues.”

So much so that the 41-year-old Harris recently filed for divorce from her husband, though the two are reported to have spent several romantic evenings together since the time of the filing.

But for the good times to continue, the R&B singer is reportedly now making demands on her 36-year-old spouse of six years.

“He’s going to have to come with much more than gifts, this Valentine’s Day,” a source added. “If he thinks roses, chocolates and champagne is going to cheer her up and make her forget about the BS he’s put her through, he’s sadly mistaken.”

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At the same time, Tiny has readily signaled she’s open to a reconciliation, though T.I. didn’t help his case by recently showing up at a red- carpet event for the NFL Network in the company of a then mystery woman.

The stunner was later identified as his pal Kristen Ingram, who reportedly works for the NFL in some capacity.

“T.I. knows damn well he’s adding fuel to the fire by taking pics with women, knowing he and Tiny are still working on their marriage,” added a source. “Tiny doesn’t understand it and she thought they were past this type of drama and disrespect.”

Before that, Tiny opened up to her husband about her true feelings, admitting in a live video on StreetVue TV, “No I’m not gonna go back to T.I. He need [sic] to come back to me, baby. He need to come on back to me. I’m where I’m supposed to be at.”

Adding yet another layer to all the drama are reports that the pics with Ingram were seen by the couple’s young children.

“T.I. really doesn’t know how much damage he caused by talking a picture with that woman,” said a source. “Their children are social media pros and are asking Tiny who the girl is that dad’s taking pictures with. That broke Tiny’s heart and she held back bawling in tears so the kids wouldn’t see or hear how much pain she’s really in.”

After months of hearing rumors about T.I.’s wondering eye, Harris filed for divorce just before Christmas, citing irreconcilable differences among other claims.

What it all means now seems any one’s guess, particularly given that not long ago rumors circulated that the rap star had impregnated two other women, both of whom were expected to give birth sometime later this year.

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris attends young thugs 25th Birthday and PUMA Campaign on August 15, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. [Image by Prince Williams/Getty Images]

“She’s loosened the leash a bit but has no problem cutting it off as she walks the other way for good,” a source added.

In the meantime, reports have circulated that VH1 is considering canceling the couple’s longtime “Family Hustle” reality show given all the uncertainty and drama in their relationship.

Around that same time, rumors picked up about Tiny’s relationship with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and how the two were allegedly growing closer.

Altogether, T.I. and Tiny have been a couple for more than 15-years and have two children together, along with several stepchildren from previous relationships.

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