Lena Dunham Exposes All In The Final Season’s Premiere Of Girls

As fans of the HBO show Girls by now already know, Lena Dunham never ceases to amaze. At this point, they have already seen her countless times in her birthday suit. But in the final season’s premiere of the HBO comedy, the writer-cum-actress has broken all boundaries leaving everyone shocked.

In the first episode of the sixth and last season, the actress whose character name is Hannah Horvath had a bedroom scene with the British actor and rapper, Riz Ahmed. And not only that, but they also tried to get intimate on a public beach.

In the lead up to the intimate scenes, Hannah had met the surfing instructor while on a writing assignment. According to her, this was a frank portrayal of a generation that lives life fast and furious!

In a reflection of his appearance in the HBO comedy, the British actor admitted that working with Lena made him feel intimidated because of the many talents that she possesses and also how good she is at all of them.

“But Lena – you can’t tell her to slow down. She’s writing, she’s directing, producing, acting and improvising completely new dialogue from one take to the next as well. It’s intimidating. It’s mind-blowing and inspirational. So it was an amazing experience.” said Riz despite the fact that he too has raised his profile significantly in recent times by featuring in big projects including Star Wars: Rogue One.

One quality that Lena manages to prove time and again is her boldness. She proved this in an interview with a veteran journalist who she managed to throw off balance with her sheer guts and straightforwardness.

Television Interview

In the interview with the Girls actress, writer, director, and producer was on the Today show on NBC when the host, Maria Shriver, started asking deep and profound questions. But as she was ending the interview and thanking her for showing up, things took a turn for the worse.

“Thank you so much for stopping by. I had a chance to look at three shows for this new season, and it looks terrific,” Maria Shriver told the actress.

That was the moment Lena mentioned the P-word in reference to the male member.

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Maria was flustered, but she tried her best to recover. And as she mumbled, Lena jokingly said that she wouldn’t be returning to Maria’s show owing to her bad behavior.

Before the interview went off the rails, the star had been asked to give a hint of what is to come in the final season of Girls. The star hinted that their storytelling would revolve around shattering the myth that all television shows needed to have a happy ending. Adding that life for the twenty-somethings can be messy at times, Lena said that she hopes the show will, in the end, teach women that they shouldn’t allow the quest for perfection in their bodies and lives to ruin their happiness.

To that end, Lena has done her job because she has managed to strip down to her birthday suit in a body that some in the mainstream would not cast for a modeling job and thus helping a lot of women overcome the shame they feel about being plus-sized.

Jemima Kirke Goes Full Frontal Too

In the same season’s premiere where Lena revealed there’s part of her body that is private, the Girls show also featured Jemima Kirke in her birthday suit too. This was in a scene with Adam Driver where the actress who plays Jessa Johnson took off all her clothes for the camera. Adam Driver, however, remained in his undergarments.

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After the final season’s premiere aired, some critics have been quick to heap praise on the show’s uninhibited style. Writing for the Daily Beast, television critic, Kevin Fallon, called it some of the best writing since the show’s inception and hailed Lena for portraying such a deeply flawed and complicated character so well.

“You can’t stand to be around her, but you care about her enough to invest in her struggles. And everything is a struggle, whether it’s sleeping with the wrong guy or that time the c***y girl at surf camp got a tote bag and all you got was a stack of papers,” Kevin wrote.

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