‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2’ Has Unfortunately Timed David Petraeus Cameo

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has some unfortunate timing as the highly anticipated game shows several scenes portraying the n0w-resigned Gen. David Petraeus.

As the Wall Street Journal noted, the video game Black Ops 2 portrays a number of conflicts based on real military events of the 1980s. Written by David S. Goyer and developer Treyarch’s game director Dave Anthony and advised by military experts, Black Ops 2 takes players through realistic scenarios that call on military history.

Unfortunately for these developers, all the hard work is somewhat tainted now after the sex scandal that forced the former CIA leader Petraeus to resign.

In Black Ops 2, one of the single-player cut-scenes shows David Petraeus receiving a terrorist prisoner on an aircraft carrier that happens to be named the USS Barack Obama. In the scene, Petraeus talks to Admiral Tommy Briggs about a possible conflict.

Briggs: “I have a thousand drones waiting at standby alert ready to launch at my command. If Russia or SDC gets any bright ideas, make no mistake, Secretary Petraeus, your Armed Forces are ready.”

Petraeus: “The last order to DEFCON 3 was given by Secretary Rumsfeld almost 25 years ago.”

Briggs: “I know. I flew a patrol myself.”

David Petraeus is seen later in Black Ops 2 riding a military plane alongside fictional future President Bosworth. The plane is attacked while flying over a future version of war-torn Los Angeles.

Petraeus was not involved in the making of Black Ops 2. He was voiced by actor Jim Meskimen, who also voiced John F. Kennedy in the original Black Ops.

Despite the poorly timed David Petraeus cameo, Black Ops 2 has been a success since its release Tuesday at midnight. As the Washington Post notes, it is expected to live up the the high-selling standards of the other Call of Duty games, and, on the review aggregation site Metacritic, Black Ops had earned a score of 86 out of 100.

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