WWE News: Real Reason Why Bayley Became Raw Women’s Champion Last Night Revealed

Last night on Raw, Bayley shocked the wrestling world and defeated Charlotte to become the Raw Women’s Champion because WWE officials are doing everything they can to make Bayley a star. Obviously, it was a career-defining moment for her, but the WWE Universe was expecting WWE officials to save her huge title win to take place at Wrestlemania, so why did they specifically book the moment nearly two months early?

Charlotte’s undefeated record on PPVs is still unbroken. However, WWE FastLane is a few weeks away. It’s likely that she will be getting her rematch for the Raw Women’s Title during the event, but that creates the problem of Bayley being forced to drop the title to Charlotte to preserve that record until Wrestlemania 33.

It has been reported that WWE is planning a Fatal Four Way match for the Raw Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania between Bayley, Charlotte, Nia Jax, and Sasha Banks. However, Bayley’s title win last night could prove that WWE officials’ plans have changed because it seemed the big payoff would be Bayley’s first women’s title. Apparently, WWE’s plans for the Raw Women’s Championship are not written in stone at all.

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There are many different ways for WWE to book all four women into the same match at Wrestlemania, but the powers that be may have something else in mind for the Raw Women’s Title. For instance, Sasha Banks and Bayley reigniting their rivalry has been rumored for months. It’s being speculated that Baley’s title win on Raw last night will lead to a heel turn for Sasha before Wrestlemania and begin their feud for the event.

While that match remains a possibility, it leaves too many questions about how the rest of the roster would fit onto the Wrestlemania card, especially considering that could leave Charlotte without a feud. WWE may also just book Bayley vs. Charlotte straight up in Orlando, but that leaves someone like The Boss off the card too. The Fatal Four Way makes the most sense and Bayley’s title win last night will play into that booking.

It’s being rumored that Dana Brooke and Sasha Banks’ interference in the title match won’t be swept under the rug. The referee didn’t see their actions during the match, but it’s very likely that Charlotte will make the argument that the final result of the title match will be a disqualification one way or another. On paper, that means Bayley will be stripped of the Women’s Title next week on Raw to the chagrin of the WWE Universe.

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If that turns out to be the case, the reason for Bayley’s title victory on Raw will be to utilize it as the ultimate teaser for the WWE Universe to get behind Bayley even more than they already have been. WWE is trying to give her the “Daniel Bryan” push, and the same trick was used for him back in 2013 before Wrestlemania 30. It’s clever booking by WWE officials to let the title win last for a week before taking it away from her.

It’ll have more impact on the WWE Universe and create more sympathy for Bayley as she is forced to give the back the title. Charlotte will also gain even more heel heat as a result. On paper, that means WWE can continue to push Charlotte as the champion through WWE FastLane and into Wrestlemania where Bayley can finally win the Raw Women’s Championship for real and give the WWE Universe the big payoff.

It was reported awhile back that WWE officials and Vince McMahon wanted Bayley to be the biggest female babyface in WWE after Wrestlemania 33. The WWE Universe was fully behind Bayley during her title win on Raw, so taking it away and building to the big moment for another two months will make her title reign more satisfying, and her first “title win” on Raw will be remembered as a pivotal moment to get her there.

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