Atz Kilcher Of ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Announces New Book, Details Revealed

The news is out, and Atz Kilcher of Alaska: The Last Frontier has a new book coming out that will detail his life growing up. TV Ruckus shared a few details about Atz new book and what fans can expect from it. This will be an exciting book that will let the viewers in on a lot of his personal details. This new book will be called Son of a Midnight Land. Atz seems really excited to share his story in this new book.

Atz signed a deal with Blackstone Publishing of Ashland, Oregon, and the memoir is expected to release sometime next year. In this book, Kilcher is going to speak out about life growing up with his dad. He will go into details that the fans have never heard before. His dad is the one that taught Atz to live off the land and to love it the way that he does. Atz has never been shy about talking about the way he was raised, but you have never heard it in this kind of detail before. The press release does share a few details of Atz’s book.

“His mother, a cultured Swiss woman, struggled to adapt to the family’s new way of life, far from civilization, while his father was determined to make their new life work. Kilcher reflects on the survival skills and habits he took on because of this upbringing—some that served him well and others from which he later had to learn to free himself in order to become a better man and a good father to his own children.

“Throughout the memoir, Kilcher’s message builds to the ultimate revelation that his father’s harsh manner was essentially fallout from his own fear of failure. Forgiveness begins when Kilcher realizes his father loved his family beyond measure, but that relational intimacy was a luxury he simply didn’t have time for.”

Broadway World shared a bit about what Atz Kilcher had to say about the new book. He revealed that publishing reminds him of a lot of jobs that he has done over the years on the homestead. He explained that it is a simple idea, but of course it takes a lot of steps to get to the final product. Atz is very happy about where he ended up and revealed his thoughts about signing with Blackstone Publishing. It sounds like he is a perfect fit with them. Here is what Kilcher had to say.

“I’m really glad to have landed in the hard-working hands of the folks at Blackstone who seem to have no qualms about working hard and doing what it takes to get a job done right. I think we’re going to make a really good team.”

The fans of Atz Kilcher love getting to know him better, and a book about his childhood is a great way to find out more about him. This is going to be a very interesting book that fans can’t wait to get their hands on when it is revealed.

Are you excited about the new book coming from Atz Kilcher of Alaska: The Last Frontier? Do you plan to pick up this book? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier on Sunday nights on Discovery.

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