Is Kylie Jenner In Trouble For Cheating Her Customers?

Kylie Jenner might be in serious trouble following the recent complaints about her makeup products after customers discovered that she might be repackaging old products.

Kylie, who has established her makeup brand, is currently facing a tough situation which might adversely affect her business. She has been accused of repackaging old lipstick kits and throwing them back onto the market as limited edition. The young Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has received a lot of backlash on social media following the claims. This is after some of her keen customers discovered that there was no difference between a new shade and an old shade that existed before.

Is Kylie conducting shady business practices?

Kylie is not new to controversy, but this time it appears to have hit her makeup business, which is one of her major sources of revenue. The complaints that have been brought up on social media claim that her Spice and Blitzen lipstick kits are one and the same.

“Why are Spice and Blitzen the same exact shade just different packaging? I’m so mad,” one of Kylie’s fans expressed her disappointment on Twitter.

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The Spice lip kit was sold together with a lip liner and it costs $29 while Blitzen is sold as a part of a four-piece and it costs $45. Other than that, it appears to be the same product to the people that have made the complaints.

Kylie also under fire in the eyeshadow department

Unfortunately for the young Kardashian, the controversy does not end with the lip kits, but also extends to her eye shadow products. There seems to be a problem with some of the eye shadow products under Kylie’s brand. A report from TMZ claims that customers have reported headaches that have been caused by the chemicals in the beauty products. Roughly 15 customers have forwarded their complaints to the Better Business Bureau claiming that the eye shadow products smell like paint thinner, spray paint, chemicals, and glue. The complaints have been pouring in for the past two weeks.

“Kylie Cosmetics is a collection of products I created working with my amazing team in our lab to design the perfect ‘Kylie look.’ I can’t wait to see how beautiful everyone is going to look. Use the hashtag #KylieCosmetics to share your photos with me,” Kylie stated last year after the launch of her makeup line.

The 19-year old also claimed that her makeup products were not tested on animals. As for the flawed products, Kylie Cosmetics is said to have launched a probe into the matter and discovered the problem. They claim that the smell was caused by an adhesive in the packaging. The company also says that the lip kits are safe for use. However, it is clear that some of the users have been negatively affected by the smell, with some reported cases claiming that they have been having headaches.

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The headache cases definitely mean some degree of worry about continued use of the product. However, they have previously proven safe for use. It is not clear whether the cosmetics firm has changed the packaging to eliminate the smell as well as the negative effects. Kylie has not said anything regarding the eye shadow products or the lip kits.

This is the first time that the young business mogul has faced such issues though she is not new to different types of controversy, especially on social media. However, the new problems are unchartered territories for the 19-year-old and she is yet to say anything about them. However, it is clear that Kylie’s customers feel cheated and this is not good for business.

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