Ben And Jessa Seewald Finally Picked A Name For Baby Number Two, What Is It?

It has been one week since Ben and Jessa Seewald had their second baby and fans have been patiently waiting for them to pick a name for their new little one. They have finally made their choice and it may not be what you expected. Baby Seewald number two’s official name is Henry Wilberforce.

How did Jessa and Ben choose their new son’s name? According to a video that was posted on Monday by TLC, the reality couple shared the reasoning behind the boy’s name. The main reason that Henry was chosen as the little guy’s first name was very simple. Ben explained that his wife just really liked it and he agreed. The name is also special because of a man of faith, Matthew Henry, who was the author of biblical commentaries and was also a minister. His middle name comes from philanthropist and man of God, William Wilberforce, who helped to eradicate the slave trade in the nineteenth century.

The new parents are so happy to have two little boys to love. Their growing family has been followed by Duggar fans and they have been waiting to hear what their newest addition’s name would be. The announcement finally came after baby Seewald turned a week old. Their firstborn, Spurgeon, was given his name when he was about a week old as well.

Jessa and Ben take their time picking out baby names. They had previously mentioned that rather than go with names that begin with a particular letter of the alphabet like the Duggar parents did, they were most likely going to choose their kid’s names based on heroes of the Christian faith. Spurgeon Elliot was named after Pastor Charles Spurgeon and missionaries Jim and Elisabeth Elliot.

What do others think of the name for baby Seewald number two? Comments are rolling in after the announcement was made and while some are finding a little humor in his middle name, most Duggar fans are very supportive of their choice.

This new baby was born on February 6 at 4:26 am. He and Spurgeon are just 15 months apart and Jessa Seewald said that she expects that her boys will be best friends. Ben is also looking forward to the day that he will have both of his sons out in the yard playing ball with them.

In the cute announcement video, Spurgeon was also sitting with his parents and new baby brother. He must be getting used to having a sibling to help take care of as he was seen taking off Henry’s socks at the end of the clip. He may have thought he was helping out a bit.

The new baby has had plenty of visitors since his first week in this world. Henry’s cousins and grandparents on both sides of the family got to spend some time getting to know their new son. Big brother Spurgeon also got plenty of love from Grandpa Seewald, as seen in a sweet photo that was posted on social media.

Jessa and Ben will have their hands full with two sons so close in age, but they do have the whole Duggar and Seewald clan to help out. As seen on many episodes of the former 19 Kids and Counting and the newest TLC show, Counting On, Jessa’s siblings always seem to pitch in when a family member needs a helping hand. Plus it gives them a chance to spend some quality time with their nephews.

The next Duggar baby will be Jill and Derick Dillard’s second child, another boy who is expected to be born this summer. Fans are eagerly waiting for Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo to also make a baby announcement soon. There is expected to be wedding bells ringing sometime this year for Joy Duggar and her guy, Austin Forsyth, as they began courting not too long ago.

What do you think of the name that Ben and Jessa Seewald picked out for baby number two?

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