President Donald Trump Unhappy With Administration, Big Names On Chopping Block

President Donald Trump has made a lot of interesting decisions since taking office, but by far some of his most controversial decisions concern his cabinet, and it seems like he realizes the mistakes already and wants to make a change. We, of course, know of the controversial picks for Education and the EPA alone, and we also know about the Energy area being weird for Trump too. However, the two people Donald Trump may not care for the most aren’t in these areas.

Reince Priebus and Michael Flynn are at least two people Donald Trump is upset with, and it looks like they could be on the chopping block as Trump makes some huge White House shake-ups. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Trump is considering the idea of dropping National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. This has to do with the fact that Flynn took a call from Russia before the President took office.

On top of this, Flynn would go on to deny that sanctions President Barack Obama imposed were discussed in this call, but then claimed he was not sure. Not being sure on whether or not you’re talking to Russia about sanctions the United States may be considering is certainly not a good move for the National Security Adviser, to say the least, which makes many think that Donald Trump will certainly drop him over not being able to trust him.

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Politico would also report on the matter, claiming that Donald Trump is “frustrated over his administration’s rocky start and it mulling an early staff shakeup.” It might be the best thing for him to be honest. Trump has surrounded himself with people many in the left wing despise, and some think he put them there for that very reason. Others from the right believe that Donald put them there because he did not know what he was doing at the time.

Truthfully, many of the cabinet picks are considered to be horrific for the President, and that is something most can agree on regardless of which side of the isle you affiliate yourself with. The Washington Post mentioned that “the knives are out.” Basically, they implied that Donald Trump is getting close to cutting out the pieces of the White House meat he does not want anymore.

Interestingly, the Chief of Staff for Donald Trump in Reince Priebus may also be gone with one of Donald Trump’s long-term friends claiming as follows to the Washington Post.

“…it’s pretty clear this guy is in way over his head.”

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However, to be fair to Reince, it seems the entire administration, including President Donald Trump, is over their head with a variety of issues occurring in the first month of his Presidency. Donald has signed multiple executive orders, and he is still intent on building a wall on the Mexican border that will be much harder than he realizes and also more expensive.

He is also involved in a heating war over the court system for stopping his useless travel ban that does not even include the places that have actually attacked the United States of America. However, Donald Trump to his credit has realized that if he plans to succeed he needs to surround himself with people who are actually good at the job they are part of. They also need to be trusted.

While Flynn and Priebus may not be the right people for the job, there are others who could be terrific for these positions. The question is, will Donald Trump hire those people or hire more people who are unqualified for the position they are given? Reportedly, campaign aides have been drafting a list of possible replacements for the President, with even Kellyanne Conway having her name thrown around for the Chief of Staff position.

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