Amber Portwood Reportedly Evicted From Home, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Being Sued

Amber Portwood had everyone fooled. When she appeared on Teen Mom OG last season, fans were lead to believe she bought the current house she was living in. Portwood talked about the neighborhood and how fancy it was. The house was gorgeous, and it looked like things were turning around for the once-troubled reality star. Just a few days ago, papers were filed in an Indiana court that tell a completely different story than what Portwood alleged.

According to Radar Online, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are being sued by their former landlord. The papers allege that the couple did a lot of damage to the home, causing the landlord to have to replace the carpet, blinds, door knobs, and deodorize the entire home. This is not the first claim to be filed against the couple. Portwood and Baier also allegedly failed to pay over $1,600 in rental payments. It is being assumed that was more than one rental payment, though it is unclear how far behind the two actually were. Both are set to appear in front of a judge in March to sort out what happened in this situation.

There has been a lot of criticism of Amber Portwood and Matt Baier since the two began their relationship. Aside from the huge age gap, there were also problems with substance abuse from him when the two initially met. Teen Mom OG has played heavily on the couple’s house flipping business. This is where fans are confused. Portwood alluded to the fact that she purchased her most recent home. With the way they are flipping houses, it is a bit odd that they don’t own a home of their own. Whatever the reason behind the rentals are, there is a lot of talk that things are shady. Portwood and Baier have not addressed what is going on. This is typical, especially with all of the backlash they have received over the last few years.

This is not the first financial battle Amber Portwood has dealt with. She was also served with papers about not paying taxes and owing money in Indiana. That was never publicly addressed either, just swept under the rug. Portwood and Matt Baier will be releasing a memoir from him at some point. This was announced last season on Teen Mom OG. Baier teamed up with a guy who runs a blog that they trust. The cover was unveiled on Instagram, and it features a nearly-naked Baier. Things have gotten rather strange with the couple in recent months, including the calling off of their October wedding. Portwood insists the two are still engaged despite canceling their wedding.

Teen Mom OG is reportedly filming once again and a new season will likely be airing at some point this year. Amber Portwood has been busy working on her online clothing boutique, which ironically also has several complaints about it. Fans are confused about what is really happening and how much accuracy there is to what was filed in the paperwork by the former landlord. No information about where Portwood and Matt Baier reside now, but it is likely close to where Gary Shirley lives to make visitation with Leah doable. Things aren’t all out in the open just yet, and fans are hoping that Amber will break her silence and stand up for herself. She was able to do that with Farrah Abraham back in the fall when the reunion was taped. If nothing else, owning up to what you did wrong makes people respect you even more. Amber Portwood has been through a lot since signing up for the show and now, it looks like things are spiraling downhill faster than anyone could have imagined.

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