Jerry Sandusky’s Son Jeffrey Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault On A Minor

In totally shocking news today, Jerry Sandusky’s son Jeffrey Sandusky has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor. TMZ revealed this breaking news today. Jeffrey is 41-years-old and was arrested in Pennsylvania and was arraigned on Monday. Alleged sexual assault is not the only thing that Jefferey Sandusky is in trouble for, though. Documents show he is also being charged with multiple counts of child pornography, child sex abuse, and corruption of minors.

The official said that this investigation started back in November. The minor’s father contacted authorities about the alleged abuse. He stated that Sandusky had been allegedly sending his son text messages asking him for naked pictures of him. At the time, Jerry Sandusky’s son was allegedly dating the mother of the child. This is what gave them their connection, but of course, gave him zero rights to ask the child for this type of photo.

At this time, Sandusky is being told to stay away from minors and he did have a bail set at $200,000. USA Today shared a few more details about the arrest of Jerry Sandusky’s son. He was actually charged with 14 separate counts today in court after his arrest. He’s currently in the Centre County Correctional Facility. There is no word on if he is going to be able to bail out or not with this large bond. The option is there if he can afford it.

There will be a statement coming out soon. Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer has been reached out to, but at this time, he is not giving a statement. It is unknown if he knows details about what went down with his son or about him being in jail now.

Right now, his father Jerry Sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison for raping several young boys while he was the assistant football coach at Penn State. This is now more than five years after Jerry was arrested that one of his adult sons is in trouble for similar accusations. The world was shocked when Jerry Sandusky was first arrested, but never suspected that his son would be in trouble as well.

Yahoo shared back in 2012 that Jerry Sandusky had one final response to give to his victims. At the time, he was 68-years-old, and his lawyer said that if he was ever to make it through the thirty years in prison, then Jerry would probably never get out even. He was convicted on 45 guilty counts of sexual molestation. On this day, Jerry Sandusky talked for about fifteen minutes, but never apologized to his victims once, even though this is what they were looking for from him. He only smirked at the victims who had the nerve to go up to him. One victim told him he had no morals. Jerry said he would remember the kids by saying.

“I see my throwing thousands of kids up in the air, hundreds of water balloon battles, happy times, people laughing with us. I see kids laughing and playing, and I see a loveable dog licking their face.”

Now, these victims are going to be dealing with their memories coming up again as Jerry Sandusky’s son is in trouble for similar charges. They may speak out, but so far the news is breaking, and none of them are talking about their thoughts on this new arrest.

Are you shocked to hear that Jerry Sandusky’s son was arrested on charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor? Do you think that his dad’s past has shaped him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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