Aaron Carter Releasing New Album As His Fame Shrinks Away

Aaron Carter may be only 29-years-old, but his fame is shrinking away, according to Iowa State Daily. The pop star of the late 90s and early 2000s recently performed at the Maintenance Shop in Iowa, but he failed to make a good impression on the crowd.

When Aaron Carter announced his LØVË tour across the Midwest, his fans and pop music enthusiasts were understandably excited. But little did they know that even his opener, Nikki’s Wives, would make a bigger impression on the crowd than the headliner himself.

Although the popularity of Nikki’s Wives doesn’t even come close to that of Aaron Carter, they took to the stage with so much confidence and gravitas that they soon were claiming that stage for the rest of the night.

However, it doesn’t mean that Aaron Carter’s performance was bad that night. On the contrary, he did impress some of his fans by performing the old school hit “Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It)” and bringing back his 2000 hit “I Want Candy,” but that was pretty much it.

Many of his fans noted that Aaron Carter needed some time to get comfortable with the stage. But even though Carter treated his fans to the old school songs of the early 2000s and allowed the audience to take a trip down memory lane, there were many things that disappointed and upset his fans.

First, for some reason, Aaron Carter was unable to put on a good show regarding choreography and ended up treating his fans to only a handful of choreographed dance moves for each song that he performed that night.

Speaking of his songs, even though Aaron Carter’s performance of his hit songs “Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It)” and “I Want Candy” was excellent, the rest of the songs seemed too similar to one another, and it was rather difficult to tell them apart.

Then between each song, Aaron Carter turned the performance into some kind of ritual to pat himself on the back and shower his own artistic abilities with praises. And technical issues alone were enough to drive his fans crazy that night.

The microphone constantly cut out, which annoyed both the crowd and the performers. At one point, Aaron Carter even angrily yelled at the sound box, “What the f***?” For most of the night, Carter performed his new singles, which will be featured on his new album LØVË.

LØVË, which Aaron Carter is expected to release this spring, was produced by the singer and he even created all the beats by himself. What Carter’s fans loved the most about his Iowa performance was probably his new version of “I Want Candy,” which he mixed with the EDM genre a little bit and made it sound more 2017-ish.

Those who want to see Aaron Carter performing the 2017-ish version of “I Want Candy,” yelling “What the f***?” at the sound box, or praising his artistic skills between songs, still have the chance to attend his shows, as the singer will be performing his LØVË tour across the Midwest through February, and Nikki’s Wives will still be there as the opener.

Aaron Carter rose to stardom in 2000, when his hit song “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” won over the hearts of millions of pop enthusiasts around the world, according to the Seattle Times. Then the singer treated his fans to “I Want Candy,” which helped his album Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) sell nearly 3 million copies in the U.S. alone.

Aaron Carter was only 13-years-old when his music was breaking U.S. charts. That allowed Carter to become a pop prince, perform on Nickelodeon and even tour with the Backstreet Boys (which of course featured his older brother Nick Carter) and Britney Spears.

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