Carlton Gary: Vanity Fair’s Stocking Strangler Serial Killer Examined On ID

If you have been keeping up with the cases presented on Vanity Fair Confidential, you’ll agree that the ID channel has done a great job of bringing some of the magazine’s most riveting stories. This week on Vanity Fair Confidential, the crimes of serial killer Carlton Gary will be examined. Carlton Gary is known as the Stocking Stranger, a black serial killer from Columbus, Georgia, who allegedly targeted elderly white women to kill. On tonight’s episode of Vanity Fair Confidential titled, “Seeds Of Doubt,” law enforcement investigators and true-crime experts on the Carlton Gary story will discuss the case.

Elderly White Women Strangled With Nylon Stockings

On Vanity Fair Confidential, elderly white women in Georgia are being strangled to death in their Columbus homes. Police believe that the killer is African American. A wave of terror sweeps through the Deep South as elderly women who live alone fear that they’ll be the next victim of the “Stocking Strangler.”

Between 1977 and 1978, seven white women were raped and strangled in their homes in Georgia. They all had one thing in common, they were all elderly white women. Carlton Gary was eventually arrested and charged with the murders. Gary was convicted for the deaths of several victims. He was sentenced to death row in 1986 and has been on death row since that time.

Many people believe that Carlton Gary is the wrong man, and that race has played a major factor in the case. Supporters, including Carlton Gary’s defense attorney, believe that this murder case against Gary is severely flawed. According to Democracy Now, a missing bite mark mold that was found does not match Carlton Gary. Still it was determined that the bite mark mold was not enough to throw out the case against him.

Is Carlton Gary The Right Man?

Was the arrest of Carlton Gary a rush to justice? What about the fingerprints that were allegedly found at four different crime scenes? There are those who believe that Carlton Gary’s fingerprints were not found at the scenes but planted there by police.

And what about the woman who survived the brutal attack? Did she deliberately lie when she identified Carlton Gary as her attacker?

The case of Carlton Gary is the basis for two Vanity Fair articles and a book. This appears to be the first time that the case is being featured in a crime documentary show.

Carlton Gary’s Background

Carlton Gary, a Columbus, Georgia, native was a troubled youth. It is alleged that he was severely neglected by his mother. Gary was often left in the care of his aunts, who were said to have worked as maids for elderly white women, as told in the book Evil Serial Killers: In The Minds Of Monsters by Charlotte Greig.

As Carlton Gary matured, he had grown into a handsome young man who was a talented singer. However, his dreams of being a singer would never be realized since he chose a life of drugs and crime, instead.

Today, Carlton Gary’s family members believe in his innocence and plan to visit him. Theresa Turpin, a cousin of Gary’s, told WLOX the following.

“All of our aunts and uncles have passed on except for my father. He’s in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and would not know who he is. I last saw him in the 80s. He carried me to pick my daughter up from school at Head Start. At the time, she was 5 years old. I would like to go see my cousin if I could, he should remember once he sees me. But now everybody will know what we’ve always known. We have supporters and people we didn’t even know that believed in him.”

To see how the case of the Wynnton Stocking Strangler unfolded, tune into Vanity Fair Confidential tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery(ID).

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