Charlie Sheen Thinks Sean Spicer’s Tie Should Be ‘Remodeled’ To ‘Asphyxiate’ Him

Charlie Sheen now wants White House press secretary Sean Spicer to die of asphyxiation, according to Yahoo News. The 51-year-old Two and a Half Men actor, who last December asked God to take President Donald Trump “next,” is now joking about wanting the death of another political figure in the Trump administration.

Charlie Sheen, who last month revealed he had engaged in unprotected sex twice and got infected with HIV, took to Twitter to take a swipe at the White House spokesperson for his choice of neckwear, and wished him to die in the process.

Charlie Sheen wrote a poem, addressing Spicer as “a shameful husk,” telling him to “crawl back into your mom” and saying the White House press secretary’s tie should be “remodeled” to “asphyxiate” him.

While some agreed with Sheen that Spicer lacks a sense of fashion (which explains his ugly tie), many slammed the actor for expressing his extreme political opinion on social media and calling for death (not for the first time) of one of the most prominent political figures in the U.S.

A Twitter user named Rob said that Charlie Sheen should quit considering himself “a spokesman for people” especially since he “has infected many women and other women with a deadly disease.”

Another user also blasted Charlie Sheen and said the person who “can’t keep his d*ck in his pants” should stay out of politics. Spicer, meanwhile, also responded to the Two and a Half Men actor, who went public with his HIV diagnosis in November, 2015.

Speaking to Fox News‘ Jesse Watters last weekend, Spicer said he doesn’t agree with Charlie Sheen that his tie knot looks bad.

“I would just say I think my tie knot is really nice and it’s a shame that he chooses to focus on that.”

But really, Spicer could have chosen a better tie to match his suit: the combination of a lime green tie with a violet shirt and navy blazer looks out of place and visually enlarges the size of the wearer’s face.

Charlie Sheen is no stranger to calling for the death of people via his Twitter account. In late December, the actor asked God to take Trump next. It was seemingly the actor’s response to the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

While many of his followers agreed with the tweet, there were those who slammed Charlie Sheen for going way too far with it. Last month, Sheen went on a profanity-laced tirade and unleashed his outrageous self when speaking about Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, according to Fox News.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O Show in late January, Charlie Sheen spoke out about his long-time feud with Lorre, which traces its roots back to when the Two and a Half Men creator firing the actor citing personal issues.

Sheen claims he made $4 billion for the hit CBS show prior to getting fired.

“The most ridiculous impostor, Chuck Lorre, I hope you’re listening. Hey Chuck: Suck my f***ing butt.”

Charlie Sheen’s comments about Lorre are a far cry from his sentiments about the Two and a Half Men creator from just weeks ago. Speaking to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in January, Charlie Sheen said he would actually work with Lorre again.

When asked by Cohen if he would ever consider working with Lorre again, Charlie Sheen replied, “Of course I would.” Strangely enough, there was no profanity attached to his comments this time.

“Of course I would. But would he ever consider doing another Charlie Sheen production?”

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