‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Is Deimos Behind An Upcoming Kidnapping?

Days of Our Lives spoilers have arrived and fans might have seen this latest twist coming from a mile away, but there’s a bit of a twist that might shock viewers. It seems as though a favorite in Salem, Sonny, might be in danger once again, but we’ve been teasing that since he got caught up in Deimos’ latest drama.

According to an article from Celeb Dirty Laundry, a plan is hatched to kidnap Sonny, upon his return from Prague, but not before Paul throws a wrench into the big kidnapping. After Paul gets in the way of the original plan, he’s knocked out. He’s then woken up by Adrienne who has a series of questions when they both realize that Sonny is missing.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Adrienne will target Deimos as he’s the first likely suspect on her mind. The villain will feel her wrath when she approaches him, on whether or not he sent his men to kidnap the fan favorite. Even though he feels Adrienne’s rage, he’s not going to answer any of her questions.

That said, as Days of Our Lives fans will learn, it’s not Deimos’ order, but rather Andre’s order, which got him kidnapped. That’s the real surprise behind Sonny’s kidnapping and this particular storyline. Early on everyone had suspected that his life would be in danger after messing with the not-so-reformed baddie. A leaked audition tape on Vimeo had seemed to confirm this theory, but in the end, it managed to throw everyone off to his actual kidnapper. The storyline that seemed to be building towards the rift between Deimos and Sonny didn’t help either.

In an earlier Days of Our Lives spoilers post, the Inquisitr described the leaked audition tape, where it’s revealed that he wants to murder Sonny for financial gain and of course, revenge, for taking his role at Titan, for ruining his relationship with Nicole, and for having the sought after amulet.

So what’s at stake now that we know that Andre ordered this kidnapping? Well, according to spoilers, Days of Our Lives viewers will see that Andre isn’t going to go easy on him in the least bit. If he was worried that Deimos would threaten his life, he might have a bigger worry on his mind, after he finds out that Andre was the person behind this order. It’s said that Andre isn’t going to give Sonny up until Chad is returned unscathed.

Those following all of the Days of Our Lives spoilers will remember that Andre isn’t the only one involved in this plot. Days Of Our Lives fans might remember that Eduardo is also in on this too, and will continue to support this latest plan. Of course, Eduardo has some motivations of his own, as he’s concerned about Gabi, and just wants to get her home.

In other spoilers news, just because there’s a kidnapping going on, doesn’t mean that other characters don’t have time to celebrate their love during Valentine’s Day. Love is definitely very much in the air for some couples in Salem. Days of Our Lives’ favorite couple Steve and Kayla are making things official once again by getting married. They reignited their love months ago after the terrible trio left their lives in danger. After their family had escaped peril, Steve and Kayla both realized that their love for each other was still strong after all of these years.

As for who will join the ceremony, Days of Our Lives viewers might be excited to hear that Hope’s situation will finally be wrapped up, and she will join the nuptials. Stephanie, Austin, and Carrie will also join in on celebrating Steve and Kayla’s love too.

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