‘Fifty Shades Darker’: The Crown Of Valentine’s Day Box Office

It’s no enigma that the movie Fifty Shades Darker received a tremendously encouraging response from the public. One of the positive reviews that movie received was that the film was closely knit to the book. Thanks to a greater involvement of the writer, E.L. James, during the production, and her husband, Niall Leonard, who has been in charge of the script, the film proves to be very faithful to the novel. On the contrary, it’s most commonly observed that whenever a literary saga translates to the big screen there are differences.

Author E.L. James attends the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” New York Fan First screening at Ziegfeld Theatre [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

The film delves into the intimate relationship between Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). But that’s not all. Fifty Shades Darker introduces new characters as well. Among them is Kim Basinger, who plays Gray’s former lover, Elena Lincoln; Erick Johnson, the new boss of Anastasia and Gray’s rival; and Bella Heathcote who played Leia Williams.

James Foley, the director of the movie, has committedly worked on Fifty Shades of Grey’s sequel. As for his portfolio, it goes without saying that James has produced films like Seducing a Stranger, Obsessive Passion and Who’s That Girl? That certainly sounds like an interesting and effective candidate for the movie.

Even though Fifty Shades Darker remained committed to its novel, there are some tweaks that can be found in the movie. One of the big changes is that Christian Grey’s psychiatrist, Dr. Flynn, does not appear in the film despite his significant role in the novel to help out Grey’s concerns. Moreover, everyone knows that the novel is notoriously famous for its intimacy and seductiveness and depicts awesome sex scenes almost everywhere. To everyone’s surprise, there is actually less sex in the movie. Several concrete scenes have been missed out such as the scene involving vanilla ice cream, and when the couple is on the pool table.

Interior atmosphere detail during the launch of ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. [Image by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]

The novel and film also differ in their respective introductions. The film begins when Ana goes to the photo exhibition with her friend Jose, where she meets Grey. But in the book, it is Grey who invites Ana to attend the exhibition as his companion. Consequently, Ana agrees. Both of them share a car ride. Things start becoming sexier when Grey and Ana make out in the alley after leaving the exhibition, a scene that was missing in the movie.

In the book, Ethan, Kate’s brother — Amateur’s roommate and friend — spends a few days in the city and in the end is involved in the story between Anastasia and Leila, a former Grey submissive. When Leila points to Ana with a pistol, Ethan and the protagonist take a few drinks to assimilate what has happened. The result: Ana gets drunk and Christian gets angry with her. This aspect is the only one that they have transferred to the film, since when eliminating Ethan, Ana does not get drunk and wanders alone in the rain.

In the film, when Grey asks Ana if she wants to go and live with him, she does it when she awakens from one of her nightmares, and the girl is not sure if her proposition is serious until the next morning. In the novel, both are fully awake at the time of the proposition, which happens just after explaining Leila’s story. But both the film and the book have something in common: Ana admits Grey’s proposal! Also, in the book, Kate finds an email in which Ana and Grey negotiated the terms of the famous contract for which she would be his submissive. But in the movie this never happens, so Ana does not give explanations to her friend.

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