Chrissy Teigen’s Green Fingers Almost Marred Her Grammy Look, But She Cleaned Up

Chrissy Teigen had green fingers for a while last weekend, thanks to a failure to properly understand how to eat candy. Fortunately, she appears to have a figured out a solution; as you can tell by this photo, her fingers were perfectly naturally colored when she showed up at the Grammys with husband John Legend.

As BET reports, Chrissy and John, like all Grammy attendees, were given gift baskets full of swag prior to the show. Thanks to Nestle, one of the pre-Grammy snacks Chrissy received was Fun Dip.

Chrissy Teigen had green fingers at the Grammys.
Chrissy Teigen’s bag of Grammy swag included Fun Dip. [Image by Keith Homan/Shutterstock]

If you’ve ever eaten Fun Dip, you’ll know that there’s a right way and wrong way to eat it. The proper way is to lick the stick of compressed sugar that comes in the package, then dip it into the powdered flavor pack. The wrong way is to… well, we’ll let Chrissy explain.

Oops. The flavor she ate that gave her the green fingers, in case you were wondering, is an un-released flavor, Mango Lime with Tamarind.

Clearly, Chrissy figured out how to clean her fingers in time for the Grammys, since her hands don’t appear to be discolored in any photos from the event.

Chrissy Teigen had green fingers.
Notice how Chrissy Teigen’s fingers in this picture are not green, but perfectly naturally colored? [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]

According to How To Clean Stuff, there are three ways to get rid of food dyes from your skin. The first is the scour it with abrasives, which sounds rather painful, to be honest. Another is to just wait it out, as it will eventually wear off. But if you are going to be on national TV the next day and need results now, there’s a third way: soak a washrag or paper towel in vinegar and wipe away the stains. Then, make a paste of baking soda and water and gently scrub the skin with the paste, then rinse off with water, and wipe with the vinegar-soaked towel. Repeat until done.

Even if she hadn’t managed to clean her fingers before the Grammys, it probably wouldn’t have been too big of a deal for Chrissy Teigen. She has a roll-with-the-punches attitude towards mishaps, wardrobe malfunctions, and other setbacks.

For example, last week, as E! Online reported at the time, Chrissy was a victim of a hit-and-run accident. Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt, and on social media, she appeared to have a good attitude about the whole thing.

A few days before her unfortunate car accident, Chrissy had a “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl.

As Extra reports, at the Super Bowl a couple of Sundays ago, Chrissy and John were enjoying the game when the cameras caught a rather unfortunate “wardrobe malfunction” in which her dress opened up a bit to reveal a rather personal part of her body.

Teigen, never one to take herself too seriously, retweeted the video with the caption, “Boom goes the dynamite!”

She then went on to post photos and videos of herself enjoying snacks and drinks at the game.

Taking such setbacks in stride is par for the course for Chrissy Teigen, green fingers or otherwise.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]

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