Tyler Baltierra Cheating Rumor: ‘Teen Mom’ Couple Hiding Cheating Story?

Tyler Baltierra and his wife Catelynn have been on Teen Mom OG for years and they have provided many different storylines, including going through an open adoption, dealing with relationship issues and handling depression and anxiety after having a second child. But one story that hasn’t been a huge part of their time on the show is cheating. Back when they were filming 16 & Pregnant, Tyler and Catelynn did talk about cheating because Catelynn had been texting an ex-boyfriend behind his back, but it never surfaced again. But now, one source claims that Tyler has been getting busy with another woman.

According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra is now addressing the cheating rumors and it sounds like the rumors are so ridiculous that both Baltierra and his wife can make fun of them on social media. It all started when Baltierra learned about a screenshot that claimed that the MTV producers knew about the cheating but chose to turn a blind eye to the other woman because it would go against their perfect relationship and the storyline they had been sharing.

“The MTV cameras have turned a blind eye to the cheating by this significant other of an OG Teen Mom because it doesn’t fit in the story line for this season for the couple,” a screenshot on Twitter read, which mentioned that the couple in question was Tyler and Catelynn, to which Tyler replied, “Trust me, they would LOVE if that was true.”

While Tyler Baltierra could laugh off the rumor, Catelynn joined the conversation and she decided to carry it on with some hilarious responses and plenty of emoticons. As it turns out, she thought it would be funny to play along, accusing Baltierra of cheating on her with another woman.

“Well since it’s out in the open Tyler Baltierra did cheat on me he’s busted,” Catelynn replied on Twitter with a laughing emoticon, to which Balterria continued with the joke, tweeting, “Damn it! We really tried keeping that a secret too! Well I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist her/him…idk it was dark & I was drunk.”

It’s awesome to see that both Baltierra and his wife can make fun of such a horrible rumor that may have ruined other relationships. And it sounds like their Teen Mom OG fans find their responses great as well, as they aren’t letting a rumor ruin their happiness. It truly shows how mature they are and how used to the spotlight they are after all of these years.

“I love how y’all always find humor in the awful rumors and make jokes to each other about them lol,” one person wrote to Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn after he joked about the cheating rumors, to which Catelynn added, “Oh absolutely! We laughed all the way through lunch tweeting back & forth about it, we have way too much fun!”

And it sounds like this cheating rumor isn’t really affecting her all that much, as she decided to give a shout out to her followers, thanking them for the love and support. And Catelynn’s post got the full support of her husband, Tyler Baltierra.

“Much love and a big #F*ckOff to the haters but sooo much love for my lovers!!” Catelynn later wrote on Twitter to her followers, to which Tyler added, “God you look beautiful Babe, I LOVE you!”

What do you think of the cheating rumor that’s currently haunting Tyler Baltierra and his wife? Are you surprised that someone would make up a rumor about this couple, given everything they have been through? Do you think the rumor would have been more believable if it had targeted another couple, such as Amber Portwood and Matt Baier?

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