‘One Piece’ 855: Manga Chapter Online Spoilers – Brook’s Rescue And Poneglyphs

Chapter 855 of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece finally meets the many expectations that fans of the series have had for quite some time. The chapter also reveals the amazing rescue attempt of Pedro and his skills as a thief.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 855 spoilers/recap ahead]

At the end of previous chapter of One Piece manga, Sanji was seen racing to the exit of the Whole Cake Chateau. It was quite apparent he was headed to the meadows where he expected to meet Luffy. The latter had promised that he would stay hungry until Sanji fed him. On his way out, Sanji had lashed out at Bobbin “The Fixer” with a bounty of 105.5 Million. Fans of One Piece were concerned if Sanji would be caught by Bobbin or rescued by Carrot and Chopper. But interestingly neither of that happened.

For the last couple of chapters, Brook was always featured in Big Mom’s meaty hands. While the Yonko intended to preserve the skeletal member of the Straw Hats pirates in her “Prisoner’s Library,” she wanted to hold onto Brook for some time and play with him. In the current chapter of One Piece, Brook is seen sleeping alongside Big Mom. He is snoring as well.

The whole, strangely peaceful, scene is watched by Carrot, Chopper, Nami, Jinbei, and Pedro from inside Brulee’s Magic Mirror World. Carrot is surprised to see Brook sleeping peacefully in the arms of Big Mom. She wonders how he can sleep in such a stressful situation. Brulee attempts to wake Big Mom by screaming, but is quickly silenced and subsequently gagged by the group. Fortunately, Brulee’s screams fail to wake Charlotte Linlin.

It is quite apparent that the Yonko is a deep sleeper, but Brulee’s screams cause Big Mom to stir in her slumber. The Yonko attempts to peer out of her sleepy eyes, but is able to spot a fly. She tries to kill it with her giant meaty hands and in the process, shatters the floor and wakes up Brook. Surprisingly, Brook takes stock of the situation, and realizing it is nothing, calmly goes back to sleep. Brook’s nonchalant attitude further infuriates Carrot.

Attempting to hatch a rescue plan, the group inside the Mirror World scavenges several items, including a skull from the “Execution Room,” and some seaweed from the kitchen. Neatly combining the items, the team creates a replica of Brook, hoping to replace him with the decoy.

Brulee’s Mirror World becomes a passageway when she is “right inside the Mirror Barrier.” The first one to attempt rescuing Brook is Chopper. Although he is quite small and perfect for conducting the rescue, the little guy sneezes at the most inappropriate time. As expected, Big Mom throws out her arm, presumably to kill the fly that had been irritating her. She sends Chopper flying back into the Mirror World.

The second person to attempt Brook’s rescue is Carrot. Although the nimble member of the Straw Hats pirates reaches Brook by gliding over Big Mom, the Yonko’s loud snoring throws her off balance and Carrot meets the same fate as Chopper. Thereafter, Pedro tries his luck, but the Yonko’s tossing and turning makes it impossible for the Jaguar Mink to execute his task.

Finally, Nami barges through the mirror to rescue Brook. Although she is able to pull him down from Big Mom’s bed, Nami has a lot of trouble waking him. When Brook finally wakes from his deep slumber, he is surprised to see Nami and loudly exclaims that he is seeing a ghost, which causes Big Mom to get cranky, and although still in her sleepy state, the Yonko grabs Prometheus in an apparent attempt to end the life of the fly that she assumes is brave enough to stick around.

Sensing the situation is rapidly going from bad to worse, Jinbei bursts into Big Mom’s chambers with the same “Heavenly Fire” spell that he had used earlier to rescue Luffy and Nami from the “Prisoner’s Library”

Meanwhile, Sanji is racing in the halls, but is attacked by a vicious dog. Fortunately, the canine is after the delicious meal prepared by Black Leg. The chef manages to ditch the dog and heads straight to the meadows where he parted ways with Luffy. The Straw Hats captain had gone berserk on Big Mom’s soldiers a few days earlier, and his rampage is quite apparent on the field. Sanji slowly walks among the fallen, searching for Luffy, unaware of the fact that Luffy is scouring the halls looking for him. Unable to find Luffy, Sanji scoffs at the Straw Hats captain’s promise that he had made when they went their separate ways.

The scene shifts back to Brulee’s Mirror World, where the team, and more specifically Jinbei, has managed to save Pedro. The rescued member is still dazed and unable to get a proper grasp of the events.

Assuming Brook may have failed to steal the Road Poneglyph, Pedro and others express their regret about the dangers he faced for attempting to steal them, and also state they are glad that the group is still alive despite the numerous, seemingly insurmountable, odds. Although slightly shaken, Brook proceeds to lift part of his skull and pulls out a folded paper, shocking Jinbei, Carrot, and the others.

Pedro explains that stealing the Road Poneglyphs, or their impression in his case, wasn’t easy. Pedro reveals that he had barely managed to obtain a “rubbing” of the Poneglyphs before Big Mom and her henchmen showed up, and he was apprehended. As expected, Brulee and the steam engine hauling them are shocked beyond belief.

Back on the field, Sanji is still searching for Luffy, when he hears a loud growling. Sanji instantly recognizes that the deep growl isn’t coming from an animal, but from the stomach of his ravenously hungry “nakama.” Soon the chef spots Luffy. The chef realizes that the brave and mighty Straw Hats captain is clearly weakened due to starvation. Chapter 855 of One Piece ends with Luffy sitting hunched over with his eyes closed, holding his stomach.

Chapter 856 of One Piece manga is expected to be released this week without a break. Sanji’s Bento box-meal is sure to offer some nourishment to Luffy, but will it help the Straw Hats captain take on the approaching army? Will the duo decide to head to the shores or return to save their teammates? Hopefully, mangaka Eiichiro Oda answers these questions in the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

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