‘SAO: Ordinal Scale’: Movie Release Night Special Event And Exclusive Content

Sword Art Online, an immensely popular Japanese anime, will soon make its U.S. cinematic premier with its latest movie Ordinal Scale. Preceding the theatrical release, a special event has been planned by Fathom Events, Aniplex of America Inc. and ELEVEN ARTS. Moreover, fans are expected to be treated with some exclusive content that has never been seen or heard before.

Sword Art Online The MovieOrdinal Scale is premiering in North American theaters on March 9. Anime fans will get to experience an all-new adventure with Kirito, Asuna and their gaming members as they explore the world of Ordinal Scale, a new hit game based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology. However, before the movie, the creators and distributors of the movie have planned a special one-night only exclusive event that starts off at 8 p.m. local time. Moreover, in addition to the full-length movie, the Fathom event will also offer fans a glimpse of exclusive content. No information about the SAO content has been offered, but the distributors have promised a “special announcement.”

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale is in Japanese. Fortunately, Eleven Arts was tasked with compiling English subtitles for the eagerly awaited feature. Immediately following the Fathom premiere event, Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale will kick-off its wide theatrical release, reported Anime News Network.


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Tickets to the SAO: Ordinal Scale movie can be purchased from the official website of Fathom Events as well as Eleven Arts, in addition to the participating theater box offices. Considering the popularity of the Japanese anime, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale will be screened in 500 select movie theaters in the United States. Interestingly, about 1000 movie theaters worldwide will screen the movie.

Sword Art Online anime is based on author Reki Kawahara’s light novel of the same name. The first SAO volume was published in April 2009. Although the publication is fairly nascent, the series has garnered a strong fan following. The SAO series has managed to sell more than 12.5 million copies in Japan and 19 million worldwide. The publication spawned two TV anime adaptations and has several video games as well as comic books and merchandise to its credit.

The plot for Ordinal Scale is based on a new storyline and isn’t dependent on the series. Although all the characters from SAO are included, Ordinal Scale is an anime-only story. Moreover, several new characters, including Augmented Reality idol Yuna, Ordinal Scale will also have swordsman Eiji, and the Augma developer Professor Shigemura.

The movie is set in 2026, but is based on the events that happened on 2020. Most notable development was the invention of Augma, an Augmented Reality based gaming engine that claims to be significantly improved upon its prevalent competition, NerveGear, and it successor, Amusphere, which is based on Virtual Reality technology. Ordinal Scale is the most popular game that runs on Augma. Despite promising to be lot safer than its Virtual Reality driven Amusphere, everything isn’t as harmless as it sounds.

[Featured Image by Reki Kawahara/Sword Art Online/Bandai Namco]

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