Nicole Scherzinger Shocks In Her Sheer Head Turning Dress

Nicole Scherzinger turns heads as shared a little more of her body on the red carpet during Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy’s gala on Saturday night. The singer wore a sexy black partly see-through dress that showed off her nipples when the cameras flashed. Nicole’s figure was out on display as she wasn’t exactly shy when it came to the stunning dress.

The confident X-Factor judge wasn’t wearing a bra, therefore she exposed some of herself as she rocked the red carpet making a fashion statement of her own. The top half of her dress was a sheer black, while the other half of her dress had geometric patterns and was also partly see-through, exposing her thighs. She covered her modesty with her black hot pants.

Nicole’s happy with Grigor

The 38-year-old singer, who is currently dating tennis ace Grigor Dimitrov, shared that she wasn’t ready to have children just yet, especially with her family in Hawaii having them. Dimitrov, who once dated Maria Sharapova, seems to be happy with his new girlfriend. Nicole revealed during her interview that the two have been together for a while and that she is living in the moment.

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“I feel I have to be smart and take my time with my next project and my music because it’s got to speak and stand the test of time. But I can’t wait to get married and have kids, it’ll be awesome.”

Nicole also mentioned that the reason her relationships fail is due to her putting her focus on her work, which means she has to make a lot of sacrifices as her heart and time are in her work. The star was previously dating Lewis Hamilton and had an on-off relationship for quite some time.

Nicole’s a busy lady

Nicole Scherzinger is indeed focused on her work. The “Wet” singer recently appeared on the show Lip Sync Battle for her performance with Sarah Hyland. She wore a brightly colored skirt and top as she guest starred and surprised fans during the show as she performed the song “Don’t cha,” a song from her former Pussycat Dolls days.

The brunette has been rumored to replace Fergie in the music group Black Eyed Peas. Which has sparked a reaction from Wendy Williams. The outspoken presenter said that she thought that Fergie was the star of the group. She believed that they both had the same talent, but that she still didn’t believe that the artist would fit as a replacement, making a quip that it could be the same as replacing Lauryn Hill from The Fugees with Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams.

The rumors began when posted a picture of Nicole and the rest of the band san Fergie. She was seen again with BEP star and this left many wondering if indeed they’re working together.

She revealed in 2013 that she was asked to join the band, but she had to turn it down as she had other projects and was under a contract.

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The brunette beauty is set to take on the role of Penny Johnson in ABC’s forthcoming TV remake of Dirty Dancing. She revealed that she was about to turn down the part as her character Penny, who was originally played by Cynthia Rhodes, has an abortion and she’s strongly against it. Penny gets an illegal abortion and has to be saved by her father because of the dangerous procedure.

While the judging panel for X-Factor hasn’t been revealed yet, Nicole is set to still have a busy year ahead. Scherzinger had mentored the current winner of the show Matt Terry, who revealed he would love to work together with Nicole.

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