The 8 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts For 2017

According to Statistic Brain, the average annual Valentine’s Day spending for 2017 is expected to be about $13,290,000,000. Individually, that breaks down to about $116.21 average, per sweetheart. With that said, Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated as much as you might think. According to the study, just 61.8 percent of consumers are actually celebrating the holiday. Still, that’s a lot of red hearts being sold. So, what are all the lovebirds spending their hard-earned money on?

1. Candy – 47.5 percent

The first heart-shaped box of chocolates was created by John Cadbury in 1822 and the treat has been a hit ever since, but what might surprise you is that boxed chocolates is not the top candy choice of the holiday.

According to The Daily Meal, the No. 1 choice of Valentine candy was a box of conversation hearts which even beat out Lindt Lindor Truffles (No. 3) and Dove Chocolate (No. 6). says that about 8 billion conversation hearts, many produced by Necco, have been produced for this year’s holiday which is enough to stretch from Rome, Italy to Valentine, Arizona, 20 times and back again. It takes about 11 months long to create that many hearts. But as popular as the little sweet things are, 53 percent of men polled by Statistic Brain said that they would prefer a box of chocolates.

Valentine roses
Valentine roses and carnations are popular, but daises, not so much. [Image by Getty Images]

2. Flowers – 34.3 percent

There is an average of 198,000,000 roses produced expressly for Valentine’s Day with 73 percent of them being purchases by men. Fourteen percent of the women polled admitted that they like to send flowers to themselves on the holiday. While flowers are popular, make sure you don’t skimp. According to, 15 percent of the women polled ranked “Cheap Flowers” as the No. 2 most disappointing Valentine’s Day gift after “Cheap Underwear.”

Valentine Greeting Cards.
Valentine greeting cards never make a bad gift. [Image by Getty Images]

3. Cards – 52.1 percent

It is not surprising that greeting cards are high on the list. Even school children learn at a young age to hand them out. When it comes to adults, 85 percent of all Valentine’s Day card are bought by women. However, both sexes feel that whatever card is purchased, the statement inside should be heartfelt.

4. Jewelry – 17.3 percent

While jewelry of any kind is popular with women, Bustle says that jewelry of the “everyday” variety might be best. Most would not turn down diamonds, but they are usually worn on special occasions only and a lot of women would rather get something that they can wear often. For men, they favor a nice watch.

Valentine dinner
A Valentine dinner out can be nice, but some would rather stay in. [Image by Getty Images]

5. Dining/Eating Out – 34.6 percent

While dining out for Valentine’s Day is popular with many, including dating couples and young stay-at-home moms, some men could really turn on the charm if they try creating a romantic dinner at home.

6. Clothing – 14.4 percent

According to the local ads, it would appear that lingerie is a very popular choice, but that doesn’t mean that women actually want underwear for Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter. According to, “Cheap Underwear” was listed as the most disappointing gifts to receive. Why? Because underwear is a personal choice and many women feel that their men don’t know what they actually like to wear. Clothing is not a bad choice for men though. says that many men would welcome a new wardrobe for the holiday and for the opposite reason. Men feel that their women dress them better.


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7. Gift Cards – 12.6 percent

Gift cards can be a really nice gift, but make sure that there is a personal element to it. A gift card to a spa or a favorite store can be considered a thoughtful gift. A gift card to the local grocery store will not.

Valentine's Day Donuts
Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the least expected. [Image by Getty Images]

8. Other Gifts – 11.2 percent

While the study doesn’t say what “other gifts” actually consists of, this could be homemade gifts, an experience, a personally drawn bubble bath, etc.

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