Tom Brady Reflects On Super Bowl 51 Win: Did He Squash NFL Retirement Rumors?

NFL star Tom Brady shared a well-written tribute on social media Sunday, reflecting on Super Bowl 51 as well as his overall NFL career so far.

The New England Patriots quarterback expressed on Facebook how it was “hard to believe a week has passed” since his jaw-dropping comeback victory against the Atlanta Falcons. Brady further states that “it’s harder to believe I’ve been a Patriot for 17 years.” However, the heartwarming part of his tribute was the “behind the scenes” perspective of what takes place on the football field when he is alongside his fellow teammates and surrounded by family members, friends and fans.

“What happens on that field with my teammates, in front of our family and fans is almost impossible to describe. It’s mythical for me and yet it’s real.”

Most NFL fans that watched the epic showdown between the New England Patriots and the surprisingly talented underdog Atlanta Falcons on Super Bowl Sunday would likely agree with Tom Brady’s statement.

From the very beginning of the game, it seemed as if the Atlanta Falcons would easily walk away with a historical Super Bowl win – blowing Brady and the Patriots out of the water without any real difficulty. Throughout the first half of the Big Game, the Falcons seemed as if they could do no wrong – and Brady appeared to struggle with the pressure of an overpowering defense refusing to give him any room.

Once the scoreboard read 28-3, there were so many people abandoning the Patriots bandwagon. Quite a few memes and GIFs taunting Tom Brady for his poor performance in the first half flooded social media at an exponential rate as if they were just sitting in an online queue somewhere just waiting to be posted.

However, everything changed during the second half. Moments after Lady Gaga made headlines with her memorable Halftime Show performance, Brady and the New England Patriots showed up on the field – ready for war.

Precision passing, nearly impossible pass completions and open-field opportunities made it almost seem as if the Atlanta Falcons gave the 3rd and 4th quarters away.

Another “behind the scenes” clip that is making its rounds on social media is footage of how Tom Brady and Julian Edelman seemed to keep the team morale high even during the darkest quarters of the game.

In the clip, you can see and hear them sharing positive words of encouragement and motivation with their teammates – reminding them of the need to stay focused, reassuring them that things could quickly turn around in their favor.

Chances are that Tom Brady continued his inspirational path of keeping his teammates pumped up and focused during the halftime break as well…and it apparently worked. When the New England Patriots won the coin toss in the historical Overtime and chose to receive the ball from the Falcons, many viewers, fans and critics knew at that moment that Tom Brady was amazing – referring to him on social media as the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.)

What happens next for the “G.O.A.T.?” Will Tom Brady decide to close the book on his NFL career after such an amazing comeback Super Bowl victory? If the closing sentence of his Facebook tribute speaks volumes, the odds of that happening this year are very slim.

“And it’s why I’ll never stop as long as I’m able.”

It is true that Tom Brady will eventually hang up his cleats and walk away from his record-setting, award-winning, 5-time championship career with the New England Patriots. However, perhaps it is not a good idea to think he is going to do that anytime soon.

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