Beyonce’s Twin Announcement On Instagram Is Now A Huge Mural In Australia

Beyonce is huge and we’re not talking about that adorable baby bump that she shocked fans with last week. A street artist named Lushsux turned Beyonce’s Instagram photo announcing her twin pregnancy into a huge 5-story work of art in Australia.

Last week, soon after Beyonce first told the world her exciting baby news, Lushsux put out an APB on an open public space where he could do a little painting. The street artist wanted to commemorate Beyonce’s exciting baby news by recapturing the now-famous picture on the side of a wall, building or street according to Us Weekly.

“Who has a massive wall for this @beyonce maternity photo in Melbourne?” Lushsux wrote on Instagram. “Ideally four to five stories high? DM and tag in anyone who could help or would be interested. #Beyoncé #beyonce.”

Talk about quick work too! Beyonce shared her pregnancy news just a little over a week ago. Lushsux already finished the Beyonce mural in Australia and it seems like he just sent out the message looking for a public space to work with.

On Friday, Lushsux posted a new photo to Instagram of himself kneeling in front of the massive, 5-story tall Beyonce mural. The street artist is covering his face in the photo because he keeps his identity a secret.

It didn’t take long for other pregnant women to start posing in front of the Beyonce twin pregnancy announcement mural. Lushsux shared another photo of his newest accomplishment. In that photo, though, a pregnant woman was posing in front of it while sitting in the same position that Beyonce was sitting in for her picture and cradling her belly exactly the same way.

This isn’t the first time that Lushsux has taken an iconic celebrity photo and turned it into a larger than life mural on the side of an Australian building. The huge Beyonce maternity photo isn’t even the most controversial of the street artist’s offerings.

Last March, he painted a 20-foot tall picture of Kanye West making out with himself. The huge Kanye portrait was painted on the side of Zigi’s Wine and Cheese Bar in Sydney, Australia right around the same time that Kanye West released The Life of Pablo and reignited the Taylor Swift feud by releasing the shocking song “Famous” and the even more shocking music video that went with it.

Lushsux also painted the “RIP Taylor” mural that popped up over the summer after Taylor Swift tried to blast Kanye West over her depiction in “Famous.” Swift claimed that she never gave Kanye permission to put her in the song. Kim Kardashian turned around and released a phone call she had recorded between Taylor and Kanye proving that she knew way more than she claimed. The whole thing turned into a nightmare for Taylor Swift, who has definitely become more reserved when it came to the spotlight in the months since getting outed by Kim K.

Thankfully for Taylor, that mural didn’t stay up long. Not one to let a controversy get away without commemoration, Lushsux painted over the “RIP Taylor” mural with a new picture that had people talking. This time it wasn’t a celebrity that got the honor of becoming a huge mural. He painted a big picture of Harambe, the now-deceased Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that was killed after a child climbed into his enclosure last year.

There’s no telling how long the 20-foot tall Beyonce maternity photo mural will stay up in Melbourne, Australia. For the time being, it has become a beacon to expecting mothers who want to imitate Beyonce’s infamous pregnancy photo in front of Queen Bey herself.

[Featured Image by Buda Mendes/Getty Images]

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