Donald Trump Reportedly Frustrated With The Challenges Of Being President

United States President Donald Trump has been the center of controversy ever since he ran for office, and those who do not care for him may have a right to feel that if the latest bit of news on Trump is true. Obviously, Trump is a worry for many Americans and even those in foreign lands, which makes sense if what he says he will do does, in fact, come to pass, as Muslims are a heavy target for him as well as Hispanic people.

Getting the nomination and ultimately winning the election to become President is certainly a tough task, as you have to convince a good portion of Americans that you can do the best for this nation over other people. However, that is actually the easy part. Being the President and doing the job itself is incredibly difficult. There is a theory that Presidents age far more in office than they would outside of it because the stress of the job is insane and Trump may be feeling the heat.

According to a report out of Politico, Donald Trump is having difficulty in office. Aides and allies to President Donald Trump claim that he is becoming quite frustrated with the challenge of being the Commander-in-Chief. Trump is having trouble with everything from congressional fights over problems with certain cabinet picks and of course he is upset over the recent travel ban situation, which has started rumors of a White House “shakeup.”

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The website reportedly interviewed two dozen people who have worked with Donald Trump since he became President. Everyone interviewed says that his mood has gone back and forth between surprise and anger in response to the daily activities of running the nation. Obviously being President is difficult, as the nation will not agree in unison about anything, much less what Trump might do in office. No President has ever truly had the nation behind him 100 percent, which makes sense.

Everyone is different and will feel different regarding any and everything done involving the United States. Whether they live in the US or are outside of it, the President will be both hated and loved by the nation and the world at large. Even Ronald Reagan, seen by many universally as a great President, was not able to get the nation behind him 100 percent of the time, not even the greats across history were able to. This is something Donald Trump has to understand.

Politico did not just talk to anonymous people about Donald Trump, but they also interviewed a friend on record, Christopher Ruddy. He is the CEO of Newsmax. He told the website as follows.

“Running the federal government is something new for him, for sure. I think if he’s demonstrated anything in his life, he is a very fast learner and adapts very quickly.”

As a close friend, it makes sense Ruddy was uplifting about his friend in Donald Trump. However, the pressures of the job can be hard on any new President. Barack Obama, George Bush, Jr., Bill Clinton, and many others had issues coming into office as well as many other Presidents. However, Donald Trump does not seem to handle everything in the best possible way, due to his access to social media — especially Twitter.

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After his issue with federal judges putting a hold on his travel ban, he apparently thinks that court will be a great place to go to beat judges. That is a smart plan for sure, if this were a man with a law degree who had a way to get around the problem. He told the world on Twitter following the court decision….


Sadly for Donald Trump, he has a lot against him in this battle. He issued a travel ban based on a list from the Obama administration, reportedly without reading it. Our nation is also not at stake involving this at least, considering none of the nations on the ban list have been violent against the United States directly. Meanwhile, other countries that have, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, are not listed. Either Donald Trump will have to add them to the list to get things passed for the ban, or forget it altogether.

Regardless of what he decides to do, not every executive order will be allowed. He has been heavy on them since entering office and court system has been good with most of them. The travel ban order is simply not sensible, and that is why it was stopped. Meanwhile, Donald Trump hates to look bad in front of people, and that is why he is fighting everything that comes up. It’ll be an interesting four years for sure if Donald Trump continues to struggle with the challenges of leading the United States.

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