Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Low’ Expectations From Drake And Marc Anthony Reunion [Rumors]

Jennifer Lopez and Drake may not be together anymore, but as far as Jennifer is concerned, she didn’t have a lot of hopes from Drake anyway.

The sources have said that she liked Drake but did not have a lot of expectations from the relationship. “She likes him but her expectations for the relationship were always pretty low.”

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Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have a lot of hard feelings when it comes to Drake. The sources say that she did not have high hopes when it came to Drake. She knew what she was getting into. “Jennifer has no hard feelings in this, she knew exactly what she was getting into with Drake,” a source tells

Jennifer Lopez also seemed to have posted a very cryptic message on her Instagram about how if it’s meant to be, it will be. “If it’s meant to be, it will, and for the right reason,” the Instagram message read, which some have said refers to her relationship with Drake.

Of course, Jennifer Lopez had always been nervous about the fact that Drake was going on the tour and she had prepared herself for it. “She knew he was going out on this tour from the get-go, so it’s something she was emotionally prepared for,” the source continues.

The sources have gone on to say that Jennifer Lopez was always clear about her boundaries when it came to Drake. “For once she kept her emotional boundaries very clear. As far as ever taking Drake seriously, she’s too smart for that.”

Many sources have stated that Jennifer Lopez is a very confident woman, but she was worried about Drake when he went away for the Super Bowl gig. “J.Lo’s as confident as any sexy woman could be, but she’s worried like hell about Drake next weekend at his Super Bowl gig,” a source told Hollywood Life exclusively.

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It’s not just Drake’s iffy behavior towards Jennifer Lopez that made their romance fizzle out. It’s Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with Marc Anthony that may have caused a lot of friction when it comes to Drake and JLo.

It looks like Marc Anthony didn’t really want the relationship between Drake and Jennifer Lopez to work out. The sources have gone on to say that Marc is actually hoping the romance between Jennifer and Marc doesn’t really work out. “Marc is going to be a constant presence in her life and hopes that this fling with Drake just fizzles out. Jennifer is a hopeless romantic and Marc is praying that once the honeymoon phase of dating Drake is over, she will come back to him.”

In fact, some sources have gone on to say that Marc isn’t very happy about her romance with Drake. “[He] is absolutely devastated about her romance with Drake,” the insider says of Marc, the Inquisitr has reported.

Then why would Jennifer Lopez not get back together with Marc Anthony? The reason is trust. She was having major doubts because of the trust issues she’s always had with Marc,” the source reveals.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t think Marc will provide her kids with a “solid ground.” “[She] didn’t want to put the kids through the emotional turmoil of possibly getting back together with their dad if it wasn’t on solid ground.”

However, it looks like Jennifer Lopez hasn’t really ruled out working with Drake. She says she has done a video with Drake and hopes it’s on his nex album. “We’ll see if it’s on his next album,” she added. Some even say that it’s a probability Jennifer Lopez and Drake‘s relationship was professional.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez should get back with Marc Anthony? Do you think she did a good thing by breaking up with Drake? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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