‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Which Character Will Be Next To Die In Season 7?

Which character will die next on The Walking Dead?

The popular AMC show is ready to pick up with a chaotic Season 7, and the midseason premiere looks to the be the start of a bloody war between the Saviors and Alexandria.

As the action picks back up, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his team are ready to do battle against Negan and the Saviors. After allowing Negan to run roughshod of the group until this point, it will be a bit cathartic for fans to see the Alexandria team get some wins again — but it will likely come at the cost of some major character deaths.

[WARNING: Potential Walking Dead spoilers are ahead]

There are some Walking Dead spoilers indicating at least a few deaths of major characters, including hints that one of the best-known could be leaving.

As TVLine pointed out, the end is all but in sight of at least one major recurring character. Sonequa Martin-Green just signed on with the CBS All Access show Star Trek: Discovery, likely spelling the end of her character Sasha’s tenure on the show. While AMC has maintained that she will remain on the show, the network is never one to give away character deaths — see the measures they took to make sure Steven Yeun showed up in pictures taken from the set even after Glenn Rhee had died on the show.

And some of the show’s stars area also hinting that the Alexandria crew will face some losses. In an interview with Us Weekly, Lauren Cohan discussed what was ahead for Maggie and the rest of her team. Cohan warned that it would be a pitched battle to win control of their land back from the Saviors.

“Unlike the realistic fight scenes and art-of-battle combat system that Cohan experienced playing For Honor, the lack of manpower and weapons are going to make things difficult in the group’s fight against Negan, and some may change sides in the process. ‘We have the group that’s very happy to be unified, that doesn’t mean everybody agrees on the approach,’ hints Cohan. Overthrowing this tyrant is going to be the gang’s toughest battle. ‘We’re calling on every resource. Our entire future is at stake in the greatest way we’ve ever seen it at stake in this show.’ The actress concludes, ‘This situation is life or death, and if we don’t take what we need, we will lose it. We will lose life as we know it.’ “

So who else will be the next to die on The Walking Dead? There are plenty of predictions and many reading into the timeline of the comic book series, but the television producers of The Walking Dead have never been 100 percent committed to maintaining the same storyline. And some of the characters — most notably fan-favorite Daryl — don’t even have a counterpart in the comic series.

But that hasn’t stopped critics and experts alike from making predictions on who might die in the second half of Season 7 of The Walking Dead. TVLine predicted that there won’t be any more major characters to die, but that some of the lesser ones might meet their end in the war with the Saviors.

The report noted that any minor character could find their end, but the sights might be on one in particular.

“But all these other characters are nowhere near as doomed as Spencer (Austin Nichols). If it wasn’t obvious before, then ‘Service’ moved closer to his certain death,” the report noted. “He’s always been a cowardly sort of guy, but he had powerful people protecting him and had value as a warm, able body. But by now his anti-Rick attitude and erratic behavior is seriously making him outlive his usefulness.”

And of course, there is the Walking Dead spoiler that won’t go away — the idea that Daryl Dixon might die. While this likely wouldn’t happen until the Season 7 finale, many believe that there are warning signs he will go (Cheat Sheet listed a few reasons before the season started). Another potential hint at this bombshell Walking Dead spoiler — Norma Reedus just signed on for his season of the reality show Ride with Norman Reedus, which could provide a smooth exit should Daryl be killed off.

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