WWE News: Goldberg Added To ‘Monday Night Raw’ And More Upcoming Shows

Ever since WWE came to an agreement with Goldberg on a new deal to keep him around until WrestleMania 33, he has been added to a number of different dates. Well, Vince McMahon is going to get as much out of the former WCW World Champion before he disappears from the ring, possibly forever. With that, Goldberg has now been added to Monday Night Raw and a number of other upcoming shows on the “Road to WrestleMania 33.

It really is smart for WWE to keep putting Goldberg on TV as he has caused a jump in the excitement by WWE fans over the past couple of months. Adding him to the Royal Rumble and then putting him in the main event at Fastlane is exactly what needed to be done.

Now, Wrestling Inc. is reporting that he has been added to a couple more episodes of Monday Night Raw leading up to the early March pay-per-view. Not only has he been added to the list of superstars appearing at the Feb. 27th episode but also the one on March 6.

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Both of these additions make a lot of sense from a business standpoint and also from a storyline point of view. The episode of Monday Night Raw on Feb. 27 will be the go-home show for Fastlane, and the final exclamation points will be put in place for all of the scheduled matches.

Having him on that episode will allow for more build-up for the WWE Universal Championship match against Kevin Owens, and it will be needed. As of now, the official WWE Live Events page shows that is the next scheduled appearance by Goldberg, and he will not be on Raw this week or next week. He certainly won’t be showing up at house shows either.

Goldberg appearing on the March 6th episode also makes sense as he is expected to win the Universal Title at Fastlane as reported by Give Me Sport. If he’s going to win one of the two major titles in the company, you can be sure he will be in the spotlight the very next evening.

From there, he will face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando with the title on the line. While Goldberg will not be on too many episodes of Raw from now until then, Lesnar is scheduled for every single episode through the next two months until the big PPV in early April.

This “Road to WrestleMania” is going to be huge with a lot of WWE’s big-name and even part-time talents appearing on weekly shows. They are going all out for the Orlando event, and they want to make sure this year’s PPV is one of the biggest ever.

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After Survivor Series, the new deal put in place with Goldberg was to keep him around through early April. From that point, it is not exactly known what will happen to him and if he’ll be seen again in a wrestling ring.

The plans appear to be laid in place for how things are going to go for the rest of his contract, but adding dates is a good thing. More Goldberg on weekly WWE television allows other fans the chance to see him, get excited about the upcoming events, and make things even better for the company.

Goldberg has certainly caused a bit of a spurt in the ratings of Monday Night Raw and built up the excitement that has been built up for WrestleMania 33. Now, he is heading to Fastlane and a WWE Universal Championship match against Kevin Owens and a third bout against Brock Lesnar a month later. Adding him to episodes of Monday Night Raw is smart business as Vince McMahon is going to have him on TV a lot through the end of his contract.

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