‘WWE Elimination Chamber 2017’ Pay-Per-View Results — Updated LIVE!

On Sunday, February 12, WWE will present WWE Elimination Chamber 2017, live at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. For those who are unable to attend it live, it will be available for viewing exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.

However, the Inquisitr understands not everyone in the WWE Universe (or wrestling community in general) will be able to spend three hours to watch WWE Elimination Chamber 2017. Therefore, results will be presented live as they become available.

Similar to past WWE pay-per-views, the WWE is providing one courtesy to those who do not have a paid subscription to the WWE Network. One hour before the official pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber Kickoff will take place. The first part is a panel of WWE personalities and commentators, most likely Renee Young, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton, discussing the matches in WWE Elimination Chamber 2017. There will also be a special kickoff match in which Mojo Rawley will take on Kurt Hawkins in a singles match.

The WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Kickoff can be viewed not only on the WWE Network, but also on WWE’s official website, WWE App, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pheed, and Pinterest, one hour before the actual pay-per-view.

Nevertheless, the following match card shown below is what is provided at this moment and can change for any reason. As mentioned earlier, the Inquisitr will update this article with the latest results as they become available LIVE!

Luke Harper vs. Randy Orton — The Wyatt Family has slowly but surely been imploding on itself. With Randy Orton becoming the “better” follower to Bray Wyatt, it seems Luke Harper has been pushed to the sidelines. To be frank, Harper needs to expand out on his own. He’s played the “follower” card for way too long and was an amazing singles wrestler on the independent circuit. He can prove to be the same here in WWE.

RESULT: Randy Orton defeats Luke Harper via pinfall after the RKO. — This was one of those matches in which everyone knew that Randy Orton would win. Given the fact that he is the winner of the Royal Rumble, he needs momentum heading into Wrestlemania 33. In the first half, Orton had the upper hand on Luke Harper in which he posed twice off the second rope during the match. Eventually, Harper got in some good offense with two superkicks and a sit-down powerbomb. Harper was about to finish the match with his finisher, the Discus Clothesline but Orton countered with an RKO (outta nowhere). It was enough for Orton to finish the match with a pinfall victory.

Apollo Crews and Kalisto vs. Dolph Ziggler (2-on-1 Handicap Match) – This is a unique match as it pits to protagonist wrestlers against one antagonist wrestler. Usually, such odds would be for the “bad guys,” not the good guys. Anyways, this match came up after Dolph Ziggler had problems with the two. After losing a match against Apollo Crews, Ziggler assaulted him. Kalisto tried to help out but was stopped too. Both Kalisto and Crews paid with a steel chair on the back.

RESULT: Apollo Crews and Kalisto defeat Dolph Ziggler via pinfall after the Spin-Out Powerbomb. — The match started one-on-one for Dolph Ziggler and Apollo Crews because the former took out Kalisto on the walkway. The match started out in Apollo’s favor. Eventually, Dolph gained the upper hand by targeting Apollo’s neck. The match would have gone to Dolph if Kalisto did not come back utilizing his high-flying moves to throw Dolph off. In a blind tag, Kalisto and Apollo were able to double team Dolph which resulted in Apollo pinning Dolph after a Spin-Out Powerbomb.

It was the aftermath of the match that gets the most attention as Dolph Ziggler shows once again he is a sore loser. He takes out both Kalisto and Apollo Crews but goes one step further with the latter. Using a chair, Dolph assaults Apollo’s ankle twice. The crowd goes wild as everyone loves a hell Dolph Ziggler.

Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James – Ever since Mickie James cost Becky Lynch the WWE Smackdown! Women’s Championship, Becky has had problems with the legendary WWE wrestler. They will be able to settle their differences in a match that pits the “Old School” against the “New School.”

RESULT: Becky Lynch defeats Mickie James via pinfall countering a roll-up with a missionary pin. — The match starts out with Becky and Mickie jockeying for position resulting in some back-and-forth action. Almost halfway through the match, Mickie took a page out of Becky’s playbook and attacked her arm. The rest of the match belonged to Mickie as she utilized strikes and submissions to wear and tear Becky’s arm. Becky is able to gain some momentum and sets up Mickie for a pump-handle slam in which Mickie escapes and counters with a Mick Kick. If it weren’t for Becky being near the ropes, she would have lost. Mickie goes for the finish with a Mickie-DDT but Becky counters. Becky tries to finish the match with the Dis-Arm-Her which Mickie counters with a schoolboy pin. However, Becky was able to counter the schoolboy into a missionary pin for the win.

Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship) – WWE has been really pushing Naomi as of late as a top tier women wrestler in the women’s division. Showing more athleticism than most of the other women wrestlers on the WWE SmackDown roster, she will add a bit of dynamism to the matches. Most likely, she is not top tier enough to win the title, but she will definitely shine in this match against one of the best women wrestler heels in the business today.

RESULT: Naomi defeats Alexa Bliss via pinfall after the Split-Legged Moonsault. — One f the more fast and furious matches with a finish not many fans saw coming, this was probably the best women’s match of the night though there were some blunders. Naomi hit two split-legged moonsaults and even blocked a Twisted Bliss in between with her knees. Ergo, Naomi will go into Orlando, FL — her hometown — as champion when Wrestlemania 33 comes around.

Tag Team Turmoil (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship) — This will be the “Elimination Chamber” match for the tag teams without the Elimination Chamber structure itself. Makes sense given the amount of bodies included as American Alpha, Heath Slater and Rhyno, Breezango, The Usos, The Ascension, and the Vaudevillains wrestle each other for the belts. Despite the odds being against American Alpha, tag team title changes rarely happen at this pay-per-view as they are often saved for a bigger venue like Wrestlemania 33.

RESULT: American Alpha survives Tag Team Turmoil. — For summary purposes, only the fourth and fifth matches in this Tag Team Turmoil will be summarized because the other three went by quick. The Usos versus American Alpha was surely the best part of the Tag Team Turmoil as the back-and-forth action was great. The Usos did have control for the majority of the match, but it took one mess-up and quick roll-up pin for them to be eliminated. Being sore losers, The Usos decimated American Alpha literally handing the titles to The Ascension.

The Ascension come down and hit Fall of Man on Jason Jordan. Chad Gable was able to break up the pin. The Ascension literally controls most of the match but Jason won’t give up. In a moment that Gable is able to separate Konnor from Viktor, American Alpha hits the Grand Amplitude on Viktor to seal the victory.

  • 1st Eliminated: Breezango
  • 2nd Eliminated: The Vaudevillains
  • 3rd Eliminated: Heath Slater and Rhyno
  • 4th Eliminated: The Usos
  • 5th Eliminated: The Ascension

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya – This is the continuation of the story in which Natalya took out Nikki Bella at the WWE Survivor Series 2016 to be team captain. Natalya’s heel turn is really good because she makes a far better heel than face. As for Nikki Bella, she is naturally hated for “reaching the top by dating John Cena,” but that hatred has since subsided substantially as she has proven to be a decent wrestler. Expect this rivalry to end at Wrestlemania 33.

RESULT: Match ends in a double countout. — This match’s story was all about pride as Natalya and Nikki Bella fight to prove to the other why they belong. Natalya wants to flaunt that she is royalty (from the Hart Family) while Nikki wants to show she has earned everything she’s done. In the beginning of the match, Natalya and Nikki jockey to show wrestling skills in which Nikki surprises Natalya with some wrestling submissions including her Fearless Lock (a version of John Cena’s STF). Eventually, Natalya gains control of the match flaunting her heel personality in the process.

Eventually, Natalya and Nikki Bella would resort to brawling which led outside of the ring. They would continue to brawl to the point both were counted out for a no contest by double count out.

Elimination Chamber (WWE Championship) – The main event will easily be the Elimination Chamber when 16-time champion John Cena takes on five other contenders gunning for his belt. This will be a unique scenario because there are numerous outcomes people are expecting. If AJ Styles wins, there is a belief that he will wrestle the Undertaker. If Bray Wyatt wins, he’ll have to wrestle his follower Randy Orton who won the Royal Rumble. Expect Cena to retain and take on Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 33.

RESULT: Bray Wyatt eliminates AJ Styles last via pinfall after Sister Abigail. — Probably the most intense Elimination Chamber in a very long time. Reason for saying that is because all six contenders were in the fray before anyone was eliminated. Usually, it would be smart to eliminate wrestlers before more pods opened. This is the first time all pods opened and all wrestlers were in the match before anyone was eliminated.

John Cena and AJ Styles start the match and it was like a highlight reel from Royal Rumble 2017. After a back-and-forth show, Dean Ambrose enters the fray and does a wicked suplex flip slam on Styles on the outside and smashes Cena into the chain-link fencing. Bray Wyatt comes in and shows his dominance for a bit but is quickly disposed of by AJ Styles. Baron Corbin is next and he literally cleans house hitting End of Days to everyone. With all contenders out except for Corbin, he waits for The Miz to be released. Unfortunately, he is blindsided with a Schoolboy and is the first eliminated.

In a fit of rage, Baron Corbin destroys Dean Ambrose before leaving the Elimination Chamber thus giving The Miz the opportunity to pin Ambrose. With four wrestlers left, The Miz showboats and gawks as he wrestles the other three. His hubris takes over as he finds himself feeling the full wrath of an AA by John Cena. He is then eliminated. John Cena now has full control of the match showing his A-game to both Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles. When he sets up Wyatt for an AA, Wyatt escapes and hits Cena with Sister Abigail and pins him. With Cena eliminated, we are guaranteed a new champion. That new champion is Bray Wyatt who countered Style’s Phenomenal Elbow into Sister Abigail for the pinfall victory.

  • 1st Eliminated: Baron Corbin via Schoolboy by Dean Ambrose
  • 2nd Eliminated: Dean Ambrose via Lateral Press by The Miz after Baron Corbin’s assault.
  • 3rd Eliminated: The Miz via Lateral Press by John Cena after an AA.
  • 4th Eliminated: John Cena via Lateral Press by Bray Wyatt after Sister Abigail.
  • 5th Eliminated: AJ Styles via Lateral Press by Bray Wyatt after Sister Abigail.

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