Is Donald Penn Sneaking To See His Baby With Camilla Poindexter?

Donald Penn and Camilla Poindexter made headlines late last year after the Oakland Raiders offensive lineman’s wife revealed that he has a baby with the Bad Girls Club star.

The baby, named Dylan Noelle, was born in March last year. Penn has never been seen publicly with the child, and it is unclear what kind of arrangement he has with Poindexter. However, the reality TV star does not appear to be satisfied with the status quo. After blasting Penn and his wife in a video released by TMZ last month, Poindexter appears to be on the offensive once again.

On Saturday, she posted a rather scathing tweet aimed at no one in particular. “Any man that has to sneak to see his child is weak. #PointBlankPeriod” the tweet reads.

It is unclear if the tweet is a subliminal message aimed at Donald Penn. In the video that she released last month, Camilla Poindexter had stated that she wants Penn to visit their daughter and fulfill his paternal duties as he claims he wants to do.

“If you’ll want to be in a happy relationship, go and be happy. Just come see my daughter and do what you’ve got to do for my daughter,” Poindexter said at the end of a minute-long tirade.

After blowing the lid on the relationship between Penn and Poindexter and the child they have together, the Oakland Raiders player’s wife, Dominique, proceeded to file for a divorce from him, according to TMZ. The divorce papers reportedly cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. However, the couple apparently chose to remain together and work on their differences instead.

Donald Penn and Dominique have been married since 2012 and have three children together – Donald, Dominick, and Demi.

Dominique’s revelation that Penn is the father of Camilla Poindexter’s child came as a surprise to many. Although Poindexter had gushed about her pregnancy and her baby online, she never revealed the identity of the father of the child.

In the Instagram post where she revealed that Penn is the father of Poindexter’s baby, Dominique accused the latter of extorting her husband to keep their baby secret, the Hollywood Gossip reported.

“Anyone take the money that I’ve earned because she thinks hush money is going to help her life! No ma’am! Ain’t nobody taking my money,” Dominique Penn wrote. “When you’re married everything is joint remember that, and what you’re about to be left with is what I leave him!”

However, Camilla Poindexter has made it clear that she is not after Penn’s money and is only standing up for the interests of her child.

“Stop trying to play me like I am out for your money and all of that sh**,” she said in the video where she attached Penn and his wife.

Neither Penn nor his wife has responded to Camilla Poindexter’s recent remarks online. It is unclear if he is paying child support to her.

Donald Penn is estimated to have made up to $47 million from his career in the NFL so far. There are speculations that he could retire when his current contract with the Oakland Raiders expires in 2018. However, he appears to still have much left to offer.

Penn is regarded as a crucial piece of the Raiders’ defensive lineup, despite being 33 years old. He had a good season in 2016 that culminated with him being selected for the 2017 Pro Bowl.

Could Donald Penn be sneaking to see his baby with Camilla Poindexter?

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