When Are ‘The Bachelor’ Hometown Dates, Who Are Nick’s Final Four Girls?

The Bachelor star Nick Viall makes a shocking decision when he chooses the four girls who will introduce him to their families during the upcoming hometown dates episode. With just four weeks to go before the season finale, Nick has some big decisions to make and one that will have everyone wondering if he’s serious about finding love.

The hometown dates episode is scheduled to air on Monday, February 20, one week after Nick brings his final six girls to the Bahamas. Who will get picked for hometown dates and which girl does Nick send home after meeting the four girls’ families?

Here’s what fans can expect to happen on the hometown dates (Episode 8) and some spoilers about the final three girls who will head to the Fantasy Suite dates in Finland.

According to ABC, Nick will have a “heart-to-heart discussion” with host Chris Harrison on Episode 7 (February 13) after admitting to the six remaining girls that he’s not sure if he will find love this season.

After his conversation with Chris, he does what any good Bachelor star would do — he heads to the Bahamas with his final six girls (Vanessa, Danielle M., Corinne, Raven, Rachel, and Kristina).

Nick Viall and Chris Harrison. [Image by ABC Television Network]

If Nick thought sending three girls home in St. Thomas was difficult, things are about to get even more intense in the Bahamas when he has to send two more girls home one week before the hometown dates.

According to Reality Steve, there will be three one-on-one dates (Vanessa, Rachel, and Danielle M.) and a group date (Corinne, Raven, and Kristina) in the Bahamas (Episode 8). All six girls hope to get a rose from Nick because that is the key to getting a hometown date, but two girls will leave the show rose-less and broken hearted.

Nick and Kristina. [Image by ABC Television Network]

Both Rachel and Vanessa will get a rose and secure their frontrunner status after their one-on-one dates with Nick in the Bahamas. But the third one-on-one date won’t go quite as well. Reality Steve reveals that Danielle M. will “take it hard’ when Nick sends her home during their one-on-one date.

Danielle’s elimination may come as a shock to many fans, especially when they find out who Nick’s final four are. Spoilers indicate that Nick gives Raven the group date rose, leaving Kristina and Corinne to duke it out for a rose.

‘Bachelor’ contestant Danielle Maltby. [Image by ABC Television Network]

Although it’s clear that Nick and Corinne have sexual chemistry, her motives on the show have been questioned by many of the other girls. Is she really there to find true love with Nick? He is 12 years older than Corinne and even fans have been puzzled as to why he has kept her around for so long.

Twitter will be buzzing when Nick visits the girls in their hotel room, cancels the rose ceremony, and sends Kristina home. Although he doesn’t give her a rose, Kristina’s elimination leaves Nick with four girls, including Corinne. Yes, the girl who took her top off on a group date and enticed Nick to lick whipped cream off of her chest during a cocktail party.

Next week, Nick will travel to Texas (Rachel), Florida (Corinne), Arkansas (Raven), and Canada (Vanessa) and meet the girls’ families during the hometown dates episode (February 20). According to Reality Steve, all four girls will then go to New York City for the rose ceremony.

Fans can expect the emotions to be running high when the final four girls wait to hear whether they will move on to the Fantasy Suite dates in Finland and which girl will go home.

If the spoilers are correct, Nick will eliminate Corinne after the hometown dates and move on to the overnight dates (Episode 9, February 27) with Vanessa, Raven, and Rachel.

Do you think Nick was really interested in Corinne or did producers make him keep her around because she boosted the show’s ratings?

Watch the Bachelor starring Nick Viall on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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