‘Project Vie’ Life Simulator Out To Get EA’s ‘The Sims 4’

A new life simulation game is on the verge of getting released, and it is threatening to topple The Sims 4 from its pedestal. After 17 years of providing the only life simulation game worth purchasing, EA and Maxis may soon come to face Project Vie. To be exact, the new game is gunning for a March 15 big reveal.

In a cryptic Reddit post, Project Vie can only reveal that it is a life simulation game with “managerial and role-playing elements.” As the project is at its early stage of development, not many details are available. The moderators set up an invitation-only community.

Project Vie‘s earliest Twitter post was last September 2016, teasing followers of the upcoming project. After that, nothing was posted or heard, until February 7 when the project revealed its March 15 announcement. Followers persisted on getting clues about the new life simulation game, but the makers behind it were tight-lipped and unrelenting. One user even went to great lengths to research on a project released in 2011, which looked like a simulation game, but Project Vie denied being connected to the unearthed VIE the Game.

According to the Sims Community Info, Project Vie’s invite only Reddit community reveals “Five Wonderfully Meaningful Facts About Vie.” One is that makers of the upcoming game are Simmers themselves. It is unknown if they used to work for EA, or if they are fans who developed their own life simulation game. They clarified that apart from being a life simulator, Vie is also a role-playing game.

Vie is similar to The Sims in some ways, but totally different in some other ways. You will end up doing the same thing in both games, but you’ll have a much better time in Vie!”

Furthermore, the target audience of Vie overlaps with that of The Sims but “Vie isn’t for every The Sims player and The Sims isn’t for every Vie player.”

“What’s the point in making what is essentially the same game? We think you’re going to love it. In fact, we’re going to be paying close attention to the community to make sure,” was one of the replies from Project Vie in a Reddit thread. In fact, the people responsible for this intriguing new project seem to be on the lookout for Simmers’ demands, and are dead serious about giving what the gamers are missing from The Sims.

It took years before The Sims 4 released Toddlers [Image by The Sims]

“We’re Simmers just like you, we know what’s up with The Sims, just like you. We’re doing our best to make a fun game with the right style and gameplay, and we’re doing our best to please as many people as we can. But that’s all you’ll hear from me for now,” said another cryptic post, until finally directing a kind of threat (or fair warning) to Electronic Arts. “We’ll give them (EA) something to be afraid of, don’t worry.”

The Sims 4 has left a lot of fans disappointed with the slow updates in their game. It was years since Simmers requested for toddlers, but EA only released the much-awaited update last month. Even when modders discovered renders which only made sense for a toddlers update, EA denied rumors, owing the renders to a buried 2015 project meant for Electronic Art’s CEO Andrew Wilson.

[Image by The Sims]

Later on, Simmers requested for supernatural beings for The Sims 4, but EA only released Vampires recently. Now the latest clues point to another beloved update which is The Sims 4 Pets.

With Project Vie‘s looming March 15 reveal and very little info, The Sims 4 is still the life simulator game to beat. Unfortunately, a Sims 5 release doesn’t look like it’s in the cards just yet, but if Vie promises to be that threat to a 17-year simulator game leader, then it might just be the push that EA needs to produce better content soon.

[Featured Image by The Sims/EA]

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