When Will Trump Be Impeached? Republicans Are Majority, Will Take Many ‘Months’

When will Donald Trump be impeached? Reputable periodicals like Time, Politico, and Huffington Post, and others have already indicated that there is a movement to impeach. Yet, if you ask Al Franken, former SNL Alum and current Democratic senator from Minnesota, it will be a long time until Trump is impeached. Why does he believe this and does Franken have any hope for Democrats everywhere?

The Trading Places actor and current junior senator Al Franken recently spoke to Bill Maher revealing what is really going on behind the scenes in Washington. The junior senator, who according to the Startribune, is on many lists for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, not only gave a prediction as to when we should expect a Donald Trump impeachment, but what the political mood currently is in our nation’s capital.

Right now, there is a lot of talk about the Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Franken, who is on the judicial committee stated that he is has a lot of questions about this controversial nominee. When Mahr points out to Franken that this judiciary pick was stolen, applause broke out. Franken interup ted and stated the hard facts: “they have the majority.” Using those four words, Franken flatly makes it real, pointing out the truth that majority trumps any sort of fairness in any sort of situation. Nothing is going to happen fast. The Republicans have control of the White House, the Senate, and Congress.

“I know everyone wants a quick fix on this. But this is going to be a marathon.”

Yet, despite the seemingly bad news that the rollercoaster ride of Donald Trump’s administration is not going to go away anytime soon, Franken sees something very positive that has resulted in this controversial new administration: people are participating, even in areas that identify as Republican. He believes that this energy will serve the Democrats in the long run and prevent some of the cabinet picks, such as Betsy DeVos, from doing some of the controversial cuts that she originally intended. Her power of influence is limited because of the hundreds of thousands of phone calls calling to keep her from being the Secretary of Education.

“There is energy around the country. We are seeing red districts where people are showing up at town halls. I want to encourage people to keep that up. We got hundreds of thousands of calls about Betsy DeVos at the Senate, and it makes a difference: She is not going to be able to do some of the things she wanted to do because of that. Keep it up.”

Mahr asked Franken what the Republicans are saying about the mental health of the president and Franken delighted the crowd with his famous humor.

“Well, there’s a range.”

Franken paused.

“Some say he’s not right mentally. Then, some are harsher.”

Franken paused again, his comedic timing perfect.

“Wait, that was cheap. There are some that don’t talk to me, but I haven’t heard a lot of good things, and I’ve heard some great concern about the president’s temperament.”

No doubt that the Harvard-educated Franken has indeed heard the voices of concern over Trump’s mental health and that a fellow Democrat is trying to require that the president undergo a psychiatric exam.

According a recent Inquisitr article, Ted Lieu, a representative from California, is introducing a bill requiring that all presidents have a mental health check by a psychiatrist. Alarmed by President Donald Trump’s erratic behavior, the Democrat is concerned that a president may be required to undergo a medical check, but not a psychiatric exam, especially as the job is incredibly stressful.

What is uplifting for distressed liberals who are losing sleep over the Trump presidency is that Al Franken is quite optimistic about the people of the United States and the future.

When discussing that half of Trump supporters understand civics and why the President does not have the right to overrule judges, Franken is quick to point out that this is not half of Americans. This is about a quarter of voters. Maher points out Franken’s optimism during this dark time.

“Wow, Washington has really turned you into an optimist.”

Franken admitted that he sees the glass as half full, indicating that he has not lost hope. Yet, he does take this opportunity to joke and say that he is not sure exactly what is in the glass, but, nonetheless, it is half full.

“The glass is half full. Half full of what, I don’t know, but it’s half full.”

So what about an impeachment? Headlines are filled with predictions of an imminent impeachment of Donald Trump. Franken does not see it this way. The Republicans are in the majority and they are in no rush to impeach the president.

“Let me remind you again that Republicans are in the majority. So I think it’ll be — it’s months and months away.”

How soon do you think President Donald Trump will be impeached? Do you agree with Senator Al Franken’s prediction that it will take a long time, despite some rumblings that there is trouble on the Republican side? Share your predictions and let the debate begin!

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