Love The New Kendall Jenner Haircut? Here’s 4 Things You Need To Know About Bobs

There’s no doubting that everyone at New York Fashion Week was floored by the new Kendall Jenner haircut. And for good reason. The clean angled bob that Kendall debuted during the La Perla fashion show had everyone talking. Just look at how perfectly the angled cut frames her delicate features and face.

New York Fashion Week saw the debut of Kendall Jenner haircut at the La Perla show
Kendall Jenner’s haircut shows off the layered angles of her new bob cut. [Image by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]

This just cements what everyone was getting at during summer of 2016. Bobs are back. Just one look at the new Kendall Jenner haircut cements the bob as a fashion mainstay for 2017. But not everyone can pull this look off. Here are 4 essential things you should know before you rush to your stylist and get your own bob.

1. Know Your Hair

You and your stylist should know your hair type and how best to cut it into a short cut. For example, if your hair is thinner, you want layers higher up on your head. These layers will give your hair more volume and lift, which keeps your do from looking flat and lackluster. On the other hand, if your hair has waves and curls, you’ll need layers throughout your cut to avoid having your hair poof out like a freshly groomed poodle. Let your stylist add texture. And if your hair is naturally bouncy and curly, reconsider a bob; opt for a longer lob instead to avoid having your face crowded out by your hair.

2. Know Your Face

Just like your hair texture and thickness determines how best to cut your hair, your facial shape and structure influence what type of bob will look best. If your face is thin, then your bob should be clean with straight angles like Kendall Jenner’s haircut. For heart shaped faces, a side part with a swept fringe will help your forehead looking smaller. Round faces should use layers on the sides of the cut to help an illusion of elongating the face. The great thing about a bob is that there’s no set length. They can range from chin length to a longer shoulder length a-line cut. Finding the right length to frame the shape of your face will let you rock the short cut with confidence.

Kendall Jenner's haircut cements the bob's place as the new spring trend haircut
Reese Witherspoon’s side parted swept bob frames her heart-shaped face perfectly. [Image by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images]

3. Styling Options Are Nearly Endless

One of the great things about a bob cut like Kendall Jenner’s haircut is how versatile it is. You can get a bob with bangs or without. You can have a smooth cut with a center part or go for light beachy waves. Kendall’s haircut is a classic no-bangs angled bob parted in the center, but you can also side part it and pin it or throw in a few highlights and add waves. Add curls all through your bob or restrict them to just the bottom for a pixie-like cut. Talk to your stylist and bring lots of celebrity pictures so you can talk with them about what look will be best for you.

Kendall Jenner's bob cut makes its debut at La Perla during NYFW
Taylor Swift shows off her bob cut with layered fringe bangs. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

4. Bobs Are A Lot More Work Than You Think

You might think that a short cut like a bob is less work than long hair, but you’d be mistaken. The lob, the bob’s longer cousin, is a wash-and-go style, but styling a bob takes time. Have your stylist walk you through the steps in brushing and styling your do and be prepared to add a good fifteen minutes to your morning styling routine. You’ll also need to visit your stylist more often to keep the look from getting unkempt. For a shorter blunt cut like Kendall Jenner’s haircut, you may need a trim every month to keep your cut in shape.

There are very few people who don’t look good in a bob cut. You just have to be aware of your face shape and hair type going in. While you might not be able to sport the same type of hairstyle as Kendall Jenner’s haircut, with some planning and care, you can enjoy the trendiest cut of the season.

[Image by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]

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