Kevin Durant OKC Return: Funny, Creative, Brutal Ways Thunder Fans Threw Shade

Kevin Durant’s Oklahoma City homecoming created a festive mood both inside and outside the Chesapeake Energy Arena, and there were a lot of fanfare on the sides as well.

And, you wouldn’t think the Thunder fans were such a bad host. They actually prepared for this one, with some going to greater lengths in their efforts to welcome back their estranged hometown kid. Oh, and they even had cupcakes ready for the special visitor.

But, you know it’s not exactly the sweet kind. To the contrary, it has that hint of bitterness all over it. And, all those merrymaking was all directed at Durant, aiming to ridicule and poke fun at him. Yeah, the Oklahoma City Thunder fans were acting like an ex-lover scorned, and they unleashed their fury at the sight of that unfaithful guy who ditched them for another. They made sure Durant would hear their boos, Yahoo Sports reported.

Kevin Durant, though, has the last laugh. The Golden State Warriors displayed their mastery over the Oklahoma City Thunder as they trounced the home team for the third straight time this season, 130-114, after their highly-awaited match-up on Saturday.

The Warriors forward and ex-Thunder superstar continued on his series-long brilliance against his former team. Durant led the attack for Golden State putting up team-high numbers of 34 points and nine boards.

A win for the Thunder would have been nice, but the result hardly mattered as the Oklahoma City Thunder fans were able to exact some kind of revenge in their own hilarious and creative ways. Let us count the ways.

First off, there was this big cupcake.

…small cupcakes,

…cupcake on the shirts of some Thunder fans,

…cupcake all over the body of some fans,

and, just more cupcakes everywhere. (as per USA Today)

Oh, and Durant’s teammates Steph Curry and Draymond Green joined the bandwagon, too. The pair was sporting cupcake shirts for the post-game interview.

And, what is all the fuss about this sweet confectionery delight, you might be asking. ICYMI, it all started from former Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins. Back in the day, when both Durant and Westbrook were on the same team, and everything was still all rosy between them, Perkins would refer to his teammates who were playing “soft” as cupcakes. And, it kind of just stuck and has been an inside joke among the Thunder players back then, wrote Lee Jenkins for Sports Illustrated.

The cupcake reference also started getting more attention after Westbrook posted “a bittersweet pic on Instagram: three plates of cupcakes topped by red and blue stars and sprinkles.”

But, there is more to the Oklahoma City fans’ dissing of Durant than cupcakes, mind you, as was also noted by Sports Illustrated.

Here are some fans who just can’t get over the past, bringing up old Tweets from Durant previously attesting his loyalty for his former team.

Then, there is this guy. Was he implying that Kevin Durant is one choke artist with this sign?

Now, this one is quite direct to the point.

And, so was this guy.

With this fan just going a little bit further.

And, here are some fans having fun outside the arena.

BTW, it looks good on you, Mr. Green. And, he surely looks happy about it.

But, maybe not on this one.

At least it is all over now, and the former Thunder, now Warriors superstar, can put this one behind already. He pulled through and took home another great win for his team as well. And, no matter how vicious those signs (and cupcakes) may have been, just remember Mr. Durant that momma’s always there for you. She’s got your back. So, do all of the Warriors fans back home. And, maybe that’s all that matters in the end.

[Featured Image By Sue Ogrocki/AP Images]

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