‘Beauty And The Beast’ Director Reveals Two Scenes Fans Should Watch Out For

Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon has just finished watching the Disney remake in IMAX and said he was blown away by its “unbelievable thrill.” The live adaptation of the 1991 animated flick is set to premiere next month and since it was presented in an expanded aspect ratio, viewers will get a treat as they will see 26 percent more of the scenes.

Condon told Nerdist that the larger image worked well with the sets that they have built for Beauty and the Beast.

“We built this entire village with massive sets and huge stages that we connected. So, for example, you could go from the dining room of the castle and walk all the way through to the entry way, to the front stairs, and into this massive ballroom. It was really something. I think that does emerge clearly in the IMAX format.”

Apart from the detailed sets, the format also gave focus on the cast members. Condon used the villagers as an example. Since the image is bigger, moviegoers will “see more of a little story that’s happening more in the background.” The expanded format just makes things and movements pop out more. He is grateful that IMAX chose to partner with Beauty and the Beast.

As for the scenes which worked well with the new format, he cited the iconic ballroom scene and a fight scene.

“The ballroom. Being able to go in that room and have it always framed by the chandeliers, which are incredibly high in the air, always have them framing the top of the shot just adds more. Our movie is pretty much packed with beauty, but you get to see more of it and the ballroom scene is a great example.”

Another scene which the new format made more powerful is the turret fight. For Condon, the new format made the scene more frightening because of the “sense of being high in the air and the sense of danger you feel as the Beast is forced to jump from turret to turret, twenty stories in the air.”

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Even if these scenes are present in the animated version, Condon hopes that moviegoers won’t think of the live action film as a mere reboot.

“In general, it wasn’t about reinventing like some of these recent movies have been. It was really about exploring and digging deeper, inevitably, because you’re bringing people into a live action world. My deepest hope is people see the movie and feel that the additional scenes and the additional material is stuff they always wondered about and wished had been there, so they don’t even remember what was in the animated film and what wasn’t. That it all becomes of a piece.”

Meanwhile, the tale as old as time gets an uncanny twist as YouTube geniuses created a mashup of the new Beauty and the Beast trailer which featured spliced scenes of the feared Lord Voldemort.

While Beauty and the Beast and Harry Potter are two different universes, some cannot help but notice the similarities such as haunted castles, animated objects, a bibliophile Emma Watson, and of course, the presence of beasts.

In the shocking retelling, Belle is featured as a witch while Tom Riddle is the Beast. The pair uses spells in the video as Gaston also makes an appearance as a “brave and proud” Gryffindor.

While waiting for the film to come out, Beauty and the Beast fans can experience an afternoon tea menu created in honor of Disney’s upcoming release. The Kensington Hotel in London offers the Tale As Old As Time experience for £35 a person.

Sweets and sandwiches are served on Mrs. Potts and Chip Potts ceramics. Some of the options included on the menu are venison pie, cheese soufflé, chocolate clock tart, Potted Argyle sandwich, and spiced snowball macaron.

Fans must act fast because the hotel says that slots until November have been nearly taken.

Beauty and the Beast will open on March 17.

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