‘Cat’s Cradle’ FX Update: Progress Noted By Noah Hawley In 2017 Interviews

Fans of Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle have been excited to hear more updates from Noah Hawley about an FX TV series he was planning to write based on the book.

Despite teasing this in 2015, so far, there have been few updates from Noah Hawley or FX about the script writing and upcoming production to actually make Cat’s Cradle.

In addition to not hearing many updates from Noah Hawley throughout 2016, FX has also not made any announcements about any behind-the-scenes filming of Cat’s Cradle.

Nevertheless, what fans do know is that Noah Hawley has finished many of the projects that he announced when Cat’s Cradle was first discussed.

For instance, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Noah Hawley said that he was going to do another season of Fargo, a movie, and he also mentioned that he was going to make Legion.

Now that Legion has premiered as of February 8, it is assumed that Noah Hawley might have time to start working on Cat’s Cradle in 2017.

Regardless, Noah Hawley is in demand, and Time‘s update on February 7 about his life after Legion is still full of writing.

For example, Noah Hawley is about to start filming the third season of Fargo in Canada in March, is simultaneously working on a film based on his novel Before the Fall, has penned a deal with Grand Central Publishing to write more books, and in the near future will be directing for the first time for a movie called Man Alive.

No official start date has been announced for “Cat’s Cradle” on FX. [Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

On top of this, it was noted in early 2017 that Noah Hawley was still working on his adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle for FX.

Noah Hawley stated in an interview with Telegraph that he is also putting Cat’s Cradle on the back burner because he wants to take the project seriously — and Kurt Vonnegut fans might be part of the reason he fears turning out a sub par script.

When Noah Hawley was updating the status of his progress with writing the adaptation for Cat’s Cradle around February 9, he stated he knew he was taking on a project that had a serious cult following and said, “If you make a list of people you don’t want to offend it’s Vonnegut readers, comic book fans, and Coen brothers enthusiasts.”

Noah Hawley went on to say that Cat’s Cradle is “very hard to adapt because it’s unlike any other story.” Regardless Noah Hawley thinks it is going to be fun because it will be a 10-hour television series and with that framework, “you can do all the stuff that is actually the identity of the book.”

Noah Hawley concluded his Cat’s Cradle update for 2017 by stating, “The scope of the book is huge but it’s a very slight book at the same time. But it’s going well.”

Noah Hawley says he is still working on “Cat’s Cradle” for FX. [Image by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]

Noah Hawley might have the best intentions to finish Cat’s Cradle in 2017 for FX to broadcast later in the year or in early 2018, but he explained in a recent interview that he has a writing problem that has developed from his less successful days as a freelance writer.

On January 24, Noah Hawley was interviewed by Variety and he stated the following about his problem with promising work but being “overextended.”

“There’s a freelance muscle that gets developed when you’re hustling. I didn’t realize that my status had changed, and this opportunity came my way and it was very exciting, but there was still that part of me that instinctively was saying, ‘Well, this is great, because when this other thing doesn’t work out, I’m going to be able to focus on this thing.'”

Alternatively, Noah Hawley does seem to finish all the projects he promises at a quick pace, and may be almost finished with Cat’s Cradle. Regardless, Noah Hawley may not have stated this to the media because FX wants these types of announcements to the press to be planned.

There are also events like the PaleyFest taking place on March 17 to 26 that Noah Hawley might use as a platform to make an update about the cast or premiere dates for Cat’s Cradle in 2017.

One other promising sign that Cat’s Cradle is definitely in the works is the reminder that it will be funded as soon as it is written. In November 2016, Deadline reported that a deal has already been established for Cat’s Cradle on FX with IM Global TV.

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