Melania Trump Wears Sleeveless, Backless Black Dress – Red-Bottom Shoes [Photos]

The fashion choices of first lady Melania Trump are always a point of interest, and Mrs. Trump’s nearly $4,000 Calvin Klein outfit worn on Saturday, February 11, is getting lots of attention online. Melania went with a much different look when it was time for her to dine with President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and his wife Akie Abe, on Saturday evening. The four posed for a group photo prior to dining at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

[Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]

As reported by WWD, whereas President Trump wore a dark suit with a shock-blue tie, Mrs. Trump donned a figure-hugging black dress that was sleeveless and decorated with lace insets. As seen in the photo above, Melania’s dress also had a deep scoop in the back. The designer of the black dress was not yet named, but staying tuned to the publication’s updates of Mrs. Trump’s designers might reveal the designer of the black dress in time.

The above photo also shows the black pointed pumps that Mrs. Trump wore with the black dress. The signature red bottoms of the shoes are indicative of Christian Louboutin shoes — although Melania’s appear to have a pointed toe. The round toe shoes are priced at $675 on the Barney’s New York website. According to Footwear News, Louboutin shoes are a favorite for Melania, who earlier in the day donned the “sensible” Christian Louboutin Solasofia Pointy Toe Flat (priced at $595.00) for her trip to a Japanese Garden.

As seen in the above and below photos, President Trump placed his hand on Melania’s back and on her arm as he helped his wife along to dinner after a day of golfing. The private dinner was held by the Trumps for Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and his wife, Akie.

[Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]

According to WWD, the talk wasn’t about Melania’s dress prior to the dinner — but involved reporters asking Mr. Trump if he would watch Saturday Night Live later that evening. President Trump did not answer those SNL questions.

More of Melania’s fashions from earlier in the weekend can be seen in the following photo gallery.

Mrs. Trump gained plenty of kudos on social media for her fashion choices — as seen in the below sampling of comments about her dress on Twitter and Facebook. There was also plenty of feedback about the controversy that Michelle Obama received for wearing a sleeveless dress for an official White House portrait, as reported by ABC News.

Whereas some people loved Melania’s figure-hugging cashmere sweater and tea-length dress for the afternoon outing, others offered criticisms of Mrs. Trump’s fashion choices. Both praise and critiques of Melania’s dresses and other outfits can be found on social media. Although some social media commentators noted their belief that Mrs. Trump didn’t dress appropriately for the tour of the Japanese gardens, others felt that she looked just fine and chose an outfit that offered both sun protection and comfort and style simultaneously.

“I don’t think a first lady (Lady) being the operative word should be dressing ‘hot’ or trendy. A lady has class and [sophistication]. Not trendy and chic. I personally think her outfit especially when dealing with the conservative Japanese; was inappropriate and too revealing and modern. Especially when taking an outing to a botanical garden that pays reverence to ancient Japanese culture and design.”

“Have to admit I really like this dress that Melania was wearing today!!”

“All the hate by liberals on ABC‘s Facebook page because of a simple dress Melania wears while hosting the PM’s wife. Smh.”

“Wow, in a sleeveless dress. Hope the criticizes her as much as they criticized Michelle Obama in a sleeveless dress.”

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]

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