‘ANTM’ 23 Episode 8: Jason Derulo Snubbed By Courtney Nelson

On America’s Next Top Model Season 23 Episode 8, Jason Derulo was a special guest. The “Talk Dirty” singer was on hand for a photo shoot aboard a private jet, and while most of the contestants on ANTM were pretty impressed with Derulo’s presence, it seemed that Courtney Nelson wasn’t the least bit star struck.

Courtney has managed to survive elimination week after week despite possibly being the most annoying contestant on America’s Next Top Model cycle 23. The thick-eyebrowed contestant even managed to avoid elimination in episode 8 even after landing in the bottom two.

Courtney Nelson should be best known for her fierce supermodel face and unforgettably bold eyebrows. Instead, the ANTM 23 contestant who should be tearing it up week after week is floundering in a sea of complaints and excuses. She also isn’t very nice to celebrities and has been criticized pretty heavily for the way she gave Jason Derulo the cold shoulder during the last competition.

The challenge was to take amazing photographs while boarding and hanging out aboard a private jet with Derulo. While most of the women competing on ANTM23 were thrilled to be posing next to the singing superstar, Courtney definitely wasn’t feeling it. According to Entertainment Weekly, when the photo shoot was over, Courtney didn’t even acknowledge Jason Derulo before hopping off the jet.

“Well, hello and goodbye,” Jason said to Courtney as she finished up posing and immediately turned to leave.

Courtney managed to squeak out a quick “bye” and shook Jason’s hand before taking off. If Jason Derulo hadn’t said something before she ran off the jet, Courtney would have been silent.

It seems like Courtney can’t seem to help her habit of constantly complaining even though the America’s Next Top Model judges have warned her to knock it off. When Courtney is standing in front of the judges at the end of Episode 8, and Drew Elliott starts to talk about Courtney seeming a little off, rather than take the critique and keep it moving, the heavily eyebrowed Courtney starts to explain how she was suffering from allergies during the photo shoot and that she just wasn’t feeling like herself.

Courteney’s excuses and quickness to explain her less-than-stellar best photo sent Drew over the edge, and he went off on the wannabe model’s constant complaining. It seems like everyone loves Courtney Nelson’s face as it is perfect for high-fashion modeling but her attitude is going to keep her from becoming successful. Even when sitting on a private jet with the likes of Jason Derulo, Courtney Nelson just can’t be happy, and even the worst case of allergies shouldn’t have kept her from being courteous around someone so famous.

At this point in the ANTM 23 competition, it seems like everyone is sick of Courtney Nelson. Other competitors have been starting to stand up to her and let her know that the constant rudeness and complaining must stop. Even Cory Anne confronted Courtney on the most recent episode, letting her know that her antics are not going to be tolerated and that she plans to call out the wannabe model every time she complains or disrespects someone else in the house.

To the dismay of almost everyone, rather than sending Courtney Nelson home when they had a chance, the judges of ANTM cycle 23 opted to give her another chance. Instead, another serial drama seeker Binta was sent packing. Many fans of America’s Next Top Model who tuned in are still trying to figure out why. Binta is also plagued with a bad attitude but it has been nowhere near as obnoxious as Courtney’s constant complaining, and even her best picture was better looking than Courtney’s. It’s pretty apparent that the judges want Courtney to succeed since she definitely has the face for print photography but her attitude needs a lot of work.

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 previously aired on Monday nights. The VH1 hit has moved to Wednesday nights starting on February 1 so be sure to tune in at 10/9c and see if Courtney Nelson survives another week.

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