Bella Hadid Boring Us All With Her Tired Shock Antics: Is She Referring Back To Her Paris Top And Continued Sheer Clothing? [Opinion]

Bella Hadid has been up to her usual exposure antics, which we all love to see, but it may be time to give that old and tired sheer dress look a little bit of a break. The way it looks, the naked dress look does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, as the young supermodel has again donned herself in sheer attire for her night out in Paris on Monday. The 20-year-old model arrived with no surprises, wearing an, albeit stunning sheer dress that has disappointed fashion conscious fans.

The supermodel and friends, Kendall Jenner and Eva Herzigova, who attended a Christian Dior masquerade ball in Paris on Monday, wore what has come to be their usual, breast bearing attire that is getting a bit stale. The naked dress look has been embraced by both supermodels and celebrities for decades, and perhaps it is time to change things up. Bella has been in Paris during the past few weeks and has not been shy to wear her sheer attire on more than one or two occasions.

Being one of the world’s leading and most sought after supermodels today, one would like to see the young beauty exercising her fashion expertise, even just a little. A move away from the everyday sheer look will come as a welcome change from the fashionista’s seemingly lack of fashion sense.

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The Rise Of Sheer

The shock value that has come with the introduction of sheer-wear is nothing new to the world of fashion and has been done time and time again, beginning, believe it or not, with the iconic Marilyn Monroe. The blonde bomber dazzled all the way back in 1962 when she did her sexy rendition of “Happy Birthday” for President John F. Kennedy in the White House.

The allure of the naked dress has caught the attention of models and celebrities alike throughout the ages and has been in the spotlight longer than the Hadid’s have been. Through the years, the sheer look has been nipped and tucked to fit all shapes and sizes of body in countless colors and designs. From Kim K to JLo and Kate Moss to Naomi Campbell, sheer has made a name for itself long before the Hadid’s did.

Perhaps the allure of the greats that have come and gone has been the inspiration for the girls’ tired use of sheer. Or perhaps it’s the shock value that the girls are after? Either way, the time for the sheer look must surely be put to rest, at least for the meantime.

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A Chain-ge From Sheer

With the sheer dress and naked reveal having done more than its fair share of rounds with the girls as of late, there are some fashion moguls out there that have expressed their ideas for trends to replace the old and overdone sheer look. Inspired by Paris Hilton’s metal mesh dress that she wore at her 21st birthday party, Kendall Jenner took the lead and wore a dress much the same as Paris’s for her birthday bash in October last year.

This, seemed to be a sign of a new fashion trend in the midst of its emergence, showing no signs of loosening its grip in 2017. Chain-mail numbers have started popping up all over, appearing at Balmain, where Olivier Rousteing paraded a finale of gold, silver and bronze dresses. The chain-mail look got the celebrity stamp of approval after Kim Kardashian change from her naked dress into a chain-mail ensemble for the events after party.

Lady Gaga has also been an ambassador for the chain-mail dress, showing off her gorgeous figure when she wore the shimmering combination during a performance on Saturday Night Live this past December.

“I think that the fabric is really luxe and very beautiful. The girls are excited about the dress. It’s fun to wear and get photographed in, and it moves really well.”

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