Phaedra Parks Teaching Son Business Lessons: ‘Ayden Will Be An Astute Business Man’

Phaedra Parks wanted to do something for the children of Flint, Michigan, who had been victims of the water crisis that happened a few years ago. Parks wanted to get all of the ladies together for a pop-up shop, which took place on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Phaedra felt it was necessary for the ladies to give back and help those in need, and her co-stars all came forward with their products to sell. But Parks was proud of her son’s decision to help, as he was selling cookies, smoothies, and t-shirts for the event.

According to a new Bravo report, Phaedra Parks is now revealing that she’s happy that her son got a business lesson. As it turns out, Parks believes that her son will be just fine, as he’s learning about valuable business lessons from his mother. Phaedra pointed out that he will follow in her footsteps – and didn’t mention her ex-husband, Apollo Nida.

“Ayden’s smoothies and cookies were a hit! He sold out of all of his goodies and learned some basic business principles while doing so. However, the most important lesson was engaging in philanthropy and learning the importance of caring for and sharing with those less fortunate,” Phaedra Parks explains about Ayden’s decision to sell cookies and smoothies at her pop-up shop camp to help the children of Flint, adding that her son learned a few business tips and lessons.

“Much like myself, Ayden will be an astute business man and will have the tools to be successful in his chosen area of professional interest,” Parks explains to Bravo, proud of what her son learned about business, making money and helping others in the process of doing so.

Of course, Ayden’s father Apollo Nida is currently serving eight years behind bars for identity theft and fraud, so it makes sense that Phaedra Parks doesn’t want her son to learn business dealings from his father. He has currently served two years behind bars and he could be released in a few years. And since Apollo has a criminal record, he may be going back into the business world. Fans were shocked to see how Parks still keeps Apollo’s mother in the loop, as she attended the pop-up shop event.

“I have a great relationship with Apollo’s parents. My mother-in-law is a very supportive and caring lady. We both consider family very important, so we make spending time together a priority,” Phaedra Parks explains to Bravo, revealing that it is important for her to keep her children’s grandparents close by, especially now that Apollo isn’t around.

And while Parks has plenty of things going on in her personal life, she still took the time to help out a dear friend. Phaedra had no problem listening to Kenya Moore’s relationship problems and even offered up some advice about protection. As it turns out, Parks suggested a possible restraining order and agreed that Jordan wouldn’t get the necessary help behind bars.

I am not surprised by much. It is no secret that my relationship with my former husband had and still has its challenges. I was happy to lend some perspective and support to Kenya. I have learned that if I don’t share my lessons and blessings born from life’s challenges, then my living is in vain,” Phaedra Parks explains to Bravo about Kenya asking her for advice, as she had no idea how bad things had gotten between Moore and Matt Jordan.

What do you think of Phaedra Parks’ decision to get her son involved in business so early? Do you think she’s teaching him some valuable lessons?

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