WWE News: The Wyatt Family Turns On Each Other And A Former Champion Shockingly Returns On ‘SmackDown LIVE’

Even though many may still see Monday Night Raw as the A-show in WWE, there should be no mistake that SmackDown LIVE has delivered the better program for months now. On tonight’s episode, there was a lot that went down, but two things, in particular, stand out among them all. One is the implosion of The Wyatt Family which saw them all turn on each other and another is a former champion returning to the company after many years away.

Yes, folks, Mickie James is back, but first, turmoil in The Wyatt Family.

Tonight, Dean Ambrose decided that he wanted to face off with Randy Orton “for fun,” and Shane McMahon granted that request. As recapped by the official website of WWE, Orton appeared to have the upper-hand on the Intercontinental Champion until Luke Harper interfered in the match. This distraction led to Orton being rolled up for the pin.

From there, things got really ugly, but only between members of the family.

After the match, Harper and Orton were face-to-face, but Bray Wyatt stepped between his family members. Still, they started brawling until Bray pulled them apart. As Harper started toward Orton again, Wyatt decked him and sent him backward against the ropes.

From that point, Randy Orton walked over to a neutral corner as Bray Wyatt stood in the middle of the ring. Luke Harper walked right up to the man he has followed for so long and had but one thing to say to him.

Later on SmackDown LIVE, Bray Wyatt let it be known that “The Family” was going to be in the Royal Rumble in less than two weeks, but next week, they would do battle. As reported by Wrestling Inc., Orton and Harper will get their anger out by facing each other one-on-one. Wyatt said that one would stand and one would fall, but “The Wyatt Family will be stronger” in the end.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the additions of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton to the Royal Rumble were spoiled last night on Monday Night Raw. Michael Cole was reading off names during the opening segment and accidentally said those two superstars, but now, Luke Harper will join them in the match.

While that turn of The Wyatt Family on each other, there was even bigger news during the main event and it was the return of a former champion.

In the final match of the night, Alexa Bliss defended her SmackDown LIVE Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch. They took on one another in a steel cage so that no-one could interfere, but it didn’t stop the masked La Luchadora from making her presence known. After weeks of showing up, she was finally unmasked and it was none other than…Mickie James.

[Image by WWE]

Mickie James was last in WWE back in 2010 and has since spent time in TNA, Global Force Wrestling, and on the independent circuit. According to The Sun, the former multi-time WWE Women’s Champion signed a new three-year deal with the company in December of last year, but they have simply been waiting for the right time to reintroduce her.

Not only did James make her first appearance for the promotion in seven years, but she returned as a heel who has her sights set on Becky Lynch. It appears as if she has sided with the current women’s champion on Tuesday nights and fans are in for a treat if there will be a number of James vs. Lynch matches in the future.

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown LIVE was really good from start to finish, and there are a lot of storylines bringing a lot of fan interest. The Wyatt Family can’t seem to stop fighting each other long enough to focus on the Royal Rumble, but Luke Harper vs. Randy Orton next week will help solve some issues. The world was also shocked by Mickie James’ long-awaited return to WWE, and the women’s division just got a lot stronger.

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