‘The Chew’ Clinton Kelly Writes Tell-All, And Slams ‘What Not To Wear’ Co-Host Stacy London

It seems Clinton Kelly from Chew is a better actor than anyone thought because while he always looked like he was having a blast on What Not to Wear with co-host Stacy London, it turns out that he loathed her. In his new tell-all, I Hate Everyone, Except You, Kelly says that if he never saw London again, that would be just fine.

But Stacy London isn’t exactly sitting at home by the phone, waiting for Kelly to call, she’s making new friends, including Shep Rose from the Bravo reality show Southern Charm, says the Inquisitr. The two reportedly met at a get together in New York, and ended up hooking up in the bathroom, according to Rose. The two aren’t dating, but on WWHL, Rose said that they are friends.

But it sounds like Clinton Kelly has enough friends, and isn’t looking to rekindle his working relationship with Stacy London. Kelly says that the work environment on What Not to Wear was incredibly stressful. And Kelly says that they pulled the show off, but couldn’t stand each other. Kelly says he often thought the show “felt mean-spirited and judgmental.”

“God Lord, was it awful!”


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Kelly made the joke that from the beginning, he and London got along like a house on fire.

“I often wished that house would have burned to the ground.”

According to Kelly, his feelings for London were either love or hate, and after years together, he felt the need to escape.

“I either adored her or despised her, and never anything in between. We spent nearly sixty hours a week in captivity, rarely more than an arm’s length away from each other. Trust me when I tell you that is just too much time to spend with any other human being you didn’t choose of your own free will.”

Clinton claims that even though they were co-hosts, London was always trying to hog the spotlight. Kelly says that she was desperate.

“She really seemed to enjoy, nay, need the attention of others, and I felt that she was almost consistently jockeying for it. For that reason, and perhaps others, she received more attention than I did. Even though I rarely wanted attention…I found myself continually annoyed that she did.”

Clinton Kelly and Stacy London partnered up on What Not to Wear for a full decade, and though it made him rich, he says that he is happy to put it behind him.

“There’s a part of me that will love Stacy London forever, and a part of me that would be just fine if I never saw her again for the rest of my life.”

But Kelly said the upside of What Not to Wear is the number of friends he actually made along the way. He says he still keeps in touch with many of the people who were helped along the way.

Clinton Kelly did an interview with the Chicago Tribune and says that it wasn’t his goal to really write an autobiography, but rather to write a collection of funny, embarrassing stories. He says that he documented things that ticked him off, made him smile, and touched him. But in addition, he wants to let fans know that he is fairly snarly, in person, and in the book.

Did you think that What Not to Wear‘s Clinton Kelly and Stacy London were friends?

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