‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Dishes On What’s Next For Toby And Kate, Plus Talks Connection To Operation Smile [Spoilers]

After five weeks of no new episodes, This is Us, the hit NBC drama, returned last Tuesday to answer fans eager questions of whether Toby would live or die. Chrissy Metz and the rest of the cast had been teasing fans for weeks about Toby’s fate. Thankfully everyone did not have to wait very long to learn that Toby survived the big heart issue he suffered on Christmas Eve. Not only did Toby, played by Chris Sullivan, survive his first scare, he also survived the second one when he elected to have heart surgery to fix a defect.

Now that fans have seen Toby survive, they are wondering what is next for him and Kate. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Chrissy to ask her for the scoop. In the return episode, Toby told Chrissy’s character, Kate, that he was in love with her. Kate didn’t immediately return his sentiment until she thought he was still asleep from surgery. Kate then told Toby she loved him back and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him if he’d have her. Toby was pretending to be asleep until she finished her speech and then told her he wanted to marry her. So are they really engaged?

According to Chrissy, the answer is yes. Here is what Metz had to say about Kate’s very fast engagement to Toby.

“Yeah, it’s pretty soon. But yes, they’re engaged. However, where’s the ring, right? No, I’m kidding. You’ll come to see that. I hope we can see wedding dress sketches soon. And if there’s a wedding planner who’d like to contribute, that’d be great.”

Thankfully, Toby isn’t going anywhere, but it seems like the newly-engaged couple has a lot of issues they will need to work through both together and individually. Chrissy says she and Toby’s relationship will continue to blossom and they will both learn from each other. No doubt there will be big decisions to be made. The show will no doubt take fans on many more emotional twists and turns, but at least nothing bad happened on Christmas Eve.

Aside from being asked continuously to talk about Kate and Toby, Chrissy has also recently shared about her favorite charity, Operation Smile. Entertainment Tonight caught up with Chrissy to ask her about her involvement in Operation Smile, which was founded in 1982. Operation Smile helps to provide cleft lip and palate surgeries in developing countries.

Chrissy said her nephew is her inspiration for supporting this great cause.

“My nephew was actually born with cleft palate in his lip. My sister was a young mom and she just didn’t know — she wasn’t educated about it.” Metz was asked to participate in an event in which Entertainment Tonight collaborated with Moet & Chandon for Toast for a Cause. At this event celebrities toasted the charity of their choice and Moet generously donated $1,000 to organizations picked by the stars. Chrissy chose Operation Smile.

Not only has Chrissy been supporting Operation Smile, she is an ambassador to them as well. Operation Smile had the following to say about Metz.

“Since meeting her at our Los Angeles Gala last year, Chrissy has been such a great advocate for Operation Smile and we are so pleased that she took a moment in the midst of the Golden Globe celebrations to toast Operation Smile as her favorite charity. Operation Smile salutes Chrissy and the shinning success of her stand-out role on NBC’s This Is Us.”

Chrissy Metz has quickly gained popularity with her new role as Kate Pearson on This is Us. Metz has such an outgoing, positive attitude that it’s contagious and not only do people love Kate, they love Chrissy too. Chrissy continues to inspire women all over and fans can’t help but to love her. The future is looking bright for Chrissy and fans can see her every Tuesday night on NBC starring in This is Us.

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