WWE News: Real Reason Why WWE Won’t Break Up The New Day Revealed, Big E Getting Singles Run Soon

The New Day have peaked as a group, but WWE officials don’t seem to have any plans to break up the stable anytime soon. The trio made WWE history after holding the WWE World Tag Team Championship for four hundred and eighty-three days, which broke the previous record held by Demolition. In the process, Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston have collectively become the most successful WWE tag team of all time.

However, there are many within the WWE Universe who feel the stable has peaked more commercially and creatively. The general feeling is it would be better off to go out on a high note than let the group overstay its welcome on WWE programming. The expectation was that WWE had something planned for the trio after their title reign came to an end when they were dethroned by Cesaro and Sheamus at WWE Roadblock.

Since losing the WWE World Tag Team Championship roughly a month ago, The New Day have continued their shenanigans on WWE television without much of a feud. Big E, Kingston, and Xavier Woods have all announced their respective entry into the WWE Royal Rumble match. It’s unlikely any of the three will win the match, so the WWE Universe continues to wonder what does the future hold for The New Day in WWE?

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It has been reported that WWE officials are struggling to find something to do with New Day. Creatively, the powers that be are stuck when it comes to their plans for The New Day heading into Wrestlemania. There have been rumors of WWE trying to freshen up their gimmick with a heel turn, but the stable is still one of WWE’s top merchandise sellers, and a heel turn could ruin the group’s run and kill their merchandise sales.

The New Day began their run as heels, so it’s possible for them to act the part again. Vince McMahon has debated about splitting up the group in the past, but their connection with the fans and merchandise sales have kept them going to the present. Unfortunately, WWE doesn’t have the option of keeping The New Day as they are because it’s only a matter of time before their schtick becomes stale with the WWE Universe.

According to a new report, WWE officials are planning for The New Day to stay together for the foreseeable future. A heel turn is still being considered, but they’re not giving the green light for that just yet. Instead, the current plan is to allow all three members of the stable to remain together, but branch outside of the tag team division on Raw. For example, WWE officials are considering giving Big E a singles run in 2017.

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Big E is a former Intercontinental Champion, so he’d be able to transition back into challenging for singles titles. Meanwhile, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston would become a two-man team and stay in the division throughout 2017. This structure for a three man stable working extremely well for The Shield. It’s plausible for The New Day to find the same kind of success, but you have to wonder why WWE won’t split the trio up.

Apparently, WWE officials are extremely hesitant to break up The New Day and allow them all to be singles stars because they have few to no good ideas about how to make each member successful on their own. The last thing anyone in WWE wants is to force all three men to sink or swim on their own after their great run together. WWE would rather keep them together and figure something out down the line.

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