‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Episode 2: Who Goes Home Tonight After Nick’s First Round Of Dates?

It’s date night on The Bachelor with 22 girls ready to find out if they will score a spot on a group date or the first one-on-one of the season with Nick Viall. Episode 2 begins at 8 p.m. ET on January 9 and fans won’t want to miss a minute of Monday night’s show because, in true Bachelor style, the drama is about to get underway.

Who misses out on a date with Nick, how does Nick address the ladies’ concern over his fling with Liz Sandoz, and who does Nick send home on Week 2? Here’s a primer for tonight’s show, including four new video previews, but make sure you tune in at 8 p.m. — it’s must-see TV, Bachelor fans.

Warning: The Bachelor Season 21 spoilers ahead.

‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall and Corinne [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]

There are three roses up for grabs on tonight’s dates, but only 19 of the 22 women in the mansion will have their names on a date card. Three ladies — Rachel, Whitney, and Dominique —won’t get to spend time with Nick until the cocktail party.

According to ABC, aside from some group date drama among the girls, Nick will create a little drama of his own by giving a rose to one girl who will stop at nothing to get his attention.

The preview video for the second episode (below) shows Corinne getting a little spicy during the bridal photo shoot — she takes her swimsuit top off and gets up close and personal with Nick in front of the other girls. Although the girls aren’t too pleased with her actions, Nick doesn’t have a problem with half-naked Corinne, and she enjoys flaunting her group date rose.


With one group date down, Nick will get to focus his attention on one person this week — at least for a little while.

Danielle M. will score a one-on-one date this week, and spoilers indicate that she will get a rose after spending the day with Nick on a yacht, in a hot tub, and on a Ferris wheel ride on Balboa Island.

‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall and Danielle M. [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]

According to her ABC bio, Danielle was engaged to be married before joining the Nick’s season, but her husband-to-be passed away. Fans can expect her story to come out on the date, similar to two girls from Chris Soules’ season — Jeulia Kinney and Kelsey Poe — who both lost their husbands before becoming Bachelor contestants.

Before the Week 2 cocktail party, Nick goes on one more group date at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles, a date that stirs up some controversy about a secret he shares with contestant Liz Sandoz. At least he thought it was a secret.

‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall and Liz S. [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]

By now, fans know that Liz admitted during the premiere that she had sex with Nick after Bachelor in Paradise stars Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding last year. Although Nick offered her his number, she decided against it but decided to come on the show to see if a relationship was possible.

Blogger Reality Steve states in a recent podcast that producers may have talked Liz into coming on the show because it would make for a dramatic storyline and that’s exactly what happens during Episode 2.


Somehow Nick expected Liz to keep their fling a secret, but being a part of the Bachelor franchise for so long, he should have known that it wouldn’t be a secret for long. Liz shares the details of her night with Christen (who gets the group date rose), and it doesn’t take long for Nick to find out that Liz was gossiping about their sex-filled night.

It’s safe to say that Nick wasn’t happy judging from the preview video below. He questions Liz’s intentions but may have also been protecting himself because it doesn’t take long for juicy gossip to get around the Bachelor mansion.


According to Reality Steve, Nick decides to send Liz home before the rose ceremony. Although she only lasted two episodes, it won’t come as a big surprise to see Liz on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise along with several other girls who don’t make it to the final rose ceremony this season.

Who goes home during the Week 2 final rose ceremony?

‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall on Week 2 group date [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]

Three girls are safe for another week after getting roses on their dates this week — Danielle M., Corinne, and Christen. Liz leaves after her sit-down with Nick and Reality Steve‘s spoilers point to three more girls will be eliminated during the rose ceremony — Lacey, Hailey, and Elizabeth W.

Next week, the remaining 18 girls will spend their last week in Los Angeles before they start traveling around the world with Nick. The Inquisitr has published a complete list of episode dates and travel locations if you’re curious where the girls are headed during this season of the Bachelor.


[Featured Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]

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