‘Dance Moms’ Season 7 Spoilers: Jill Vertes, Kira Girard Claim Brynn Rumfallo Is Not Ready To Lead ALDC

Dance Moms and ALDC is just doing well without Maddie Ziegler. In the last Season 7 episode, titled “New Kid on the Block,” Abby Lee Miller relied on Brynn Rumfallo to lead a dance trio. Even though she is younger than Kalani Hilliker and Kendall Vertes, and only joined ALDC in Season 6, it seems like Abby is grooming the 13-year-old to be “the next Maddie.”

As seen in the most recent episode of Dance Moms Season 7, Abby Lee Miller assigned Brynn Rumfallo to lead the teen contemporary trio routine called “Blackbirds.” The coach told the team that she’s looking at Brynn to be “the next star” on ALDC. She explained that she’s looking for someone who’s consistent and can perform dances from all genres.

“If she can prove that she’s the leader, she may just be the next star on this team. Brynn could be the center of the universe here at the ALDC if she continues to work her butt off.”


During the rehearsals, the moms pointed out that they “forgot” that Brynn was taking the lead on the routine, insinuating that she was actually no better dancer than Kalani Hilliker or Kendall Vertes.

“Abby really wanted her to emerge as this leader and she made it easy for her. It didn’t really happen, that’s all,” Jill said.

“I just think you get offended by it because she doesn’t say that about Kendall,” Ashlee fired back.

But the Dance Moms veteran said that she was not at all offended, she was just pointing out that Brynn was not embracing the role of a leader. Kira Girard, Kalani’s mom, took Jill’s side on this and said that perhaps Brynn does not want to lead the ALDC junior elite team.

“Brynn doesn’t want to be a leader. If you don’t want it, it can’t be forced and that’s what abby is trying to do. If Ashlee wants Brynn to fail at being a leader once again, go right at it, because we’ve all seen it a thousand times over. So have at it, leader” Kira told the cameras.


When Maddie Ziegler left the ALDC, Dance Moms fans wondered who would take her place. Although Kalani and Kendall have been on the show longer than Brynn, Abby has always had a special spot for the latter. As reported by International Business Times, Abby even asked Maddie to “pass the torch” to Brynn in Season 6.

With her taking a lead in this trio dance, Ashlee claimed that Kira and Jill were just jealous of her daughter.

“Kira and Jill are unhappy because when Maddie left they thought that Abby was gonna make their kids the leader of this team but instead Abby has leapfrog over their kids and has appointed Brynn the leader of this team.”

Brynn, Kalani, and Kendall’s contemporary routine ended up winning first in Teen Duet/Trio category. While Abby thought that Brynn commanded the stage, saying she stood out from the two, Kira and Jill seemed to think otherwise. The Dance Moms stars insisted that their daughters were equally as good.

“Jill and Kira are never gonna give Brynn any credit. I have faith in Brynn, Abby has faith in Brynn, but I think Brynn has to get the faith of the other moms on the team, especially Jill and Kira,” Ashlee said.

Brynn Rumfallo was equally happy with the win. The Dance Moms star hoped that this would show Abby that she’s ready to take the lead. During one of the Season 7 episodes, however, Kendall Vertes also expressed interest in being the new leader of ALDC.

“Maddie just has something about her that made this team even better and she was the leader of the team but maybe if I do well I could be the leader. That’s always something I wanted to do,” Kendall said.

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Dance Moms Season 7 airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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