Wooshin Bombarded With Hate Comments During ‘V’ — Viewers Demand UP10TION K-Pop Idol Apologize For Incident With Jeon So Mi Of I.O.I. [Video]


Around this time of year, many K-pop acts go live online to communicate with their fans. Usually, they will wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but they may also answer personal questions fans ask them or even reveal some of their plans for the upcoming year. For TOP Media K-pop boy band UP10TION, they recently went on “V Live” to do such.

"BURST" Promotion For Wooshin Of UP10TION
Wooshin of UP10TION received a lot of hate from viewers during a live stream on “V” recently. [Image by TOP Media]

Unfortunately, UP10TION’s live interaction with fans was marred by hate comments. Many who tuned in made sure to express their disdain for boy band member Wooshin. Needless to say, the situation caused Wooshin to remain silent to reflect in anguish, but also made the stream very uncomfortable for the rest of UP10TION.

According to AllKpop, the hateful comments towards Wooshin started to arrive in the comments section around 5:40 into the live stream session. Some of the members suddenly freeze for about seven to eight seconds when they read the comments but fellow UP10TION member Gogyeol seems to stare the longest. Afterwards, he moves behind Wooshin and hugs him, as a means of consolation. Wooshin, who is known for playing the master of ceremonies during such events, stayed quiet and away from the camera.

Jeon So Mi is a member of the rookie K-pop girl group made under YMC Entertainment, I.O.I. She was supposedly a victim of Wooshin “touching her breasts.” [Image by YMC Entertainment]

At this point, some readers might be wondering exactly why Wooshin is getting so much hate. The thing is, he is in the midst of a scandal having to do with Jeon So Mi of I.O.I. Both Wooshin and So Mi were paired as masters of ceremony for The Show. Together, they filmed a Christmas video in which Wooshin moves his right hand in a way that it looks like he is trying to touch So Mi’s breasts three times. The first and third time supposedly makes contact and Jeon So Mi looks like she backed away in surprise during the first time. That, however, is up to interpretation to the viewer.

Some fans pointed out that it looks like an accident, something that happened in the moment of filming. Others, on the other hand, believe if it were an accident, Wooshin would have pulled his hand back once it made contact with Jeon So Mi and he would have been more careful the next two times. Of course, there are those who are not sure.


To rectify the situation, making sure false rumors don’t get out of control, staff from The Show stepped forward to provide a comment on the situation. Apparently, nothing bad happened and it just looked like Wooshin touched Jeon So Mi inappropriately because of the angle of the camera.

“We are writing about the The Show MCs’ Christmas greeting video. During the recording, staff from both MCs’ sides were present and monitoring the recording, and two of them stayed at a distance while filming. During the filming, there were no uncomfortable feeling from either party. The current controversy is a mistake from the angle of the video, so we ask fans to no longer misunderstand, make guesses, and criticize. We have deleted the video to prevent further guesses and misunderstandings, so we ask fans of MCs Wooshin and Somi to understand.”

It should also be noted that YMC Entertainment, representing Jeon So Mi, made it clear that nothing inappropriate happened. Ergo, the hateful comments towards Wooshin during UP10TION’s live stream on “V” might have been made by those who do not know about the statements made by The Show and FNC Entertainment, those who refuse to believe the statement given by The Show and FNC Entertainment, or anti-fans of UP10TION.

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[Featured Image by TOP Media]